Where Live Brighton

Where Live Brighton


Whats it Like to Live in Brighton?

As a city Brighton has a reputation for being something of a wild child. In the past it was known as "London by the sea" and has long been associated with raucous nightlife, counter culture and party goers. If you can imagine London in all its trendy, rebellious, brash glory then you won't be far from imagining Brighton. The city is awash with taxi's advertising 24 hour pharmacies, fast food outlets and everything else that you might expect in a modern metropolis.

The population of Brighton has grown rapidly to well over 300,000 and increasing every year, much of this being multi-cultural, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life (brightonandhovelife.co.uk). Brighton is a city where it is easy to fit in whatever your background or beliefs you may have. The diverse mix of people that live here creates a healthy mix of lifestyles, and there are plenty of opportunities to meet people, there are many cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs offering events every day of the week.

One of the best things about Brighton is the friendly and welcoming nature of its residents. Locals are always happy to chat to visitors and assist with directions. Its also worth noting that Brighton has everything you could want from a city, shopping, restaurants, bars, parks and a world-class art gallery all within walking distance. "". I’ve been living in the city for about a year now, and during that time have had plenty of opportunities to experience everything Brighton has to offer.

Who Moves to Brighton?

Over the last few years, Brighton has seen a larger number of global businesses flock to the city. And instead of opting for London’s typically corporate environment, they have chosen to relocate with a number of other digital agencies and creative tech companies offering new business opportunities.  The improved business sector has attracted young professionals to the area. Young professionals who are flocking to the boutiques and independent shops in the city centre and choosing new, stylishly designed housing on the outskirts.

They have opted for something different than London which is familiar but not as convenient. The prospect of leaving London is always daunting, but when you think about the lifestyle that could be waiting for you there, it’s hard to ignore Brighton as a viable and exciting option. When you’re thinking about moving south and leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind, Brighton presents itself as an oasis with a thriving artistic community.

A haven for tech startups, Brighton offers an eclectic landscape of clubs, art galleries and restaurants that will appeal to young professionals across the country. Living in Brighton has some great perks: from the stunning views to world-class events, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to live here. However, with a limited number of properties and high demand, the streets of Brighton become a fierce battleground between house hunters and estate agents. The greatest resource you have in this battle? Data.

Brighton is a coastal city, located in the south-east of England. Nicknamed “London by Sea” or “The Brighton Riviera”, it attracts thousands of Londoners looking to escape the frenetic city, year after year. It has a very strong relationship with London, making it a booming destination for tech startups trying to enter the market. One thing I particularly enjoy is the great outdoors, as you can see from my post from last year ‘9 Things To Do In Brighton When The Sun Comes Out‘.

The Best Places to Live in Brighton

Brighton can be a wonderful place to live; it’s in the south of England, so you won’t get snow on your door for months at a time. It’s vibrant, you always have something to do, and it has some of the best high street shops and independent stores in the world. That being said, it can also be difficult to find somewhere to live. There are only so many places on a beachfront with sea views that are for sale.

And living here does come at a cost — especially if one wants to live close to the beach. However, don’t worry, we have put together an up-to-date list of the best places to live in Brighton from someone who. In today’s society, we are all looking to live in the ‘right place’. According to the ONS, the population of Brighton and Hove is set to rise by over a third within the next 20 years.

This means that there is going to be an influx of new residents searching for the best places to live in Brighton. There has never been a better time to buy real estate in Brighton. If you’re thinking of making the move to Brighton, then it’s important that you consider all your options. Finding the right neighbourhood should be a major part of the decision and in this post I’ve listed 8 of Brighton’s best places to live.