Where Does Pewdiepie Live

Where Does Pewdiepie Live


PewDiePies home is burgled

On December 2nd, PewDiePie uploaded a video with the title “Our Home Was Burglarized - Meet the Musician Who Got All My Stuff” (Skip to 26:10) in which he explained that his house had been burgled earlier that day and a number of valuable possessions were stolen. This included his girlfriend’s laptop (which contained information on as many as 50 of his YouTube subscribers) as well as a custom built PC motherboard and power supply - the pair costing $6,000.

PewDiePie's home was burgled, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life (brightonandhovelife.co.uk). The popular Swedish video maker had his house broken into while he was on holiday in Italy. Thieves made off with roughly $700,000 worth of property including jewellery, cash and a laptop. In the video above, PewDiePie reveals that he's thankful nothing worse happened and he believes that it’s possible this was an inside job. They knew where we were staying so it must be an inside job most likely. In a new video, titled 'My house got robbed'PewDiePie revealed that he has recently had his house broken into.

Whilst he was out, thieves made off with thousands of pounds worth of belongings - including two laptops and a huge number of his fans'merchandise. It's not clear whether they were able to get into his safe containing hundreds of thousands of euros. It seems that computer wizard PewDiePie and his girlfriend have been victims of burglary in their own home. A video released on December 2nd revealed that burglars had broken into the couple's home and stolen valuable items, including two Mac computers, cash and credit cards.

Where does PewDiePie live?

On the 10th of July, PewDiePie uploaded a video called “I lost my Home in Italy :(” which has over 2. 4 million views at the time of writing. Unknown to his subscribers however, this was not an informative post about losing his house as a result of starting to live on his YouTube income. Instead, Pewds announced that he was moving to Los Angeles! This gave us all a bit of a shock and left some angry comments from fans living in Brighton under his video.

Using the Zoopla Estimate portal, we've looked up the average price of homes across Brighton and Hove to find his current home. Because PewDiePie recently changed his house, we're having to use an older image but nevertheless, we can still tell you where he lives. Social media star Felix Kjellberg, AKA PewDiePie, has been making headlines again after reportedly moving away from his Brighton home. In a video titled "Goodbye Brighton," he says: “I just feel like I’m losing my connection with this place.

So, where exactly does PewDiePie one of the richest YouTubers in the world live when he’s not making videos about videogames? What is his UK home address? Well, it’s quite a historic building on the sea front…. In the video, he travels to Brighton and Hove in the UK. Like most other PewDiePie videos, he spoke to random people and asked them what their favourite thing about Brighton is. PewDiePie, the popular video blogger with over 52 million subscriber has disclosed on December 2nd that his home had been burgled by thieves.

If being burgled wasnt bad enough

Felix and Marzia have both been working jobs to make ends meet during this rough spell but with the stress of the burglary and the possibility of their belongings being ruined they are both growing increasingly frustrated. It is a tough situation to be in. On top of that, Marzia is beginning to feel extremely lonely as her family still lives overseas. She hasnt seen them since Christmas 2013 and misses her family greatly. The other day Felix, Marzia and four of my friends were lying on the mattress outside in a state of undress.

They all had their hands over their heads. It wasn't considered an attractive picture. The situation isn't great at the moment because the landlord refuses to make any repair so Felix is forced to move out as he has no rights here and his landlord doesn't accept rent from him. The unimaginable happened to Felix and Marzia and their families, furniture was stolen and their rented property flooded after flash floods caused rivers to burst their banks in the north of England.

The couple are now living in the damp basement of a friend at an undisclosed location in London and receive regular visits from the police when Felix is at work. Felix & Marzia's worst nightmare came true when their car was broken into on Sunday morning, but the burglars didn't stop there. They then went into the couple's house and stole three laptops, a camera, credit cards and more. The thieves also took two of their cars and drove them into a nearby lake, causing the vehicles to sink underwater.

Felix and Marzia have been running round after the couple of inches of water has ruined their chances of a decent night's sleep. The family were only allowed to move in six months ago and so are still in the process of finishing the house. Felix and Marzia (name changed for security reasons) are a London couple who been together for nine years and living peacefully in the capital city until it literally rained on their parade.