Things To Do With Kids In Brighton

Things To Do With Kids In Brighton


Theres plenty of things to do in Brighton with kids!

The city, and surrounding areas have plenty of family-friendly attractions, activities and entertainment venues, like the impressive West Pier which is one of the UKs most visited tourist attractions. The piers Victorian splendour makes it perfect for a day out with kids, with plenty of things to do in Brighton with kids. Its status as a local landmark means that there are also plenty of opportunities for impromptu entertainment, like watching the impressive sight of dolphins bobbing in the sea nearby.

Beaches and water activities are a big hit with kids of all ages, so Brighton is well placed there, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life ( Brighton beach, of course, has been voted one of the best in the UK. The sea wall offers plenty of room for running around and playing. And on the way back to town, take time to read the many information boards about local wildlife. Theres loads to see and do in Brighton with kids in just this one area.

We admit it. We fell in love with Brighton and Hove the second we got here. Theres just something so charming about England's favourite seaside resort, from the awesome events to the vast range of activities to get involved in. We've already covered a few top things to do in Brighton when you have kids , but this time we want to focus on the best of them all -   Brighton piers. The whole point of this site is to share mobile apps, so be sure to leave us your phone number as a comment.

Take a stroll along the Palace Pier

What's great about it? Well, it provides great glamping opportunities if you're the adventurous type, with a range of high quality amenities available and a great way to combine an enjoyable weekend with your family or even friends. It is a three lane roadway allowing access to - and from - the beach, has huge parking spaces for cars, and even special ones for motorbikes. The Palace Pier is alive with activity as you'd expect and filled with plenty of shops and stalls for you to browse.

You'll notice that I'm not mentioning the beach - and there's a reason for that. As well as providing facilities to hire at the pier itself, Brighton beach goes from strength to strength improving its reputation annually as 'the best in Britain'. Even adults cant help but feel like a kid again as they vye for position on one of an array of exhilarating rides – while also enjoying the constant entertainment on offer. Of course, the Pier is not just about rides either, as it is home to numerous cafes and restaurants, alongside shops – including a funfair arcade for all those little minds to explore.

If youre looking for that perfect getaway with the kids – while in a place where theres plenty on offer for the whole family to enjoy then its hard to beat Brighton Palace Pier. Head there now, its well worth it. The Palace Pier is a big draw for tourists and locals alike, and it never fails to draw a crowd. Who can blame them? Brightons Pier has just about anything you could want - there are plenty of food vendors serving up fish and chips alongside burgers; arcade games; arcades; slot machines, theatre shows; a comedy club; bars and restaurants.

There are also some excellent attractions to photograph including: Flying fish; Pinocchio; Le pacheonnier - the worlds smallest working tea-room on wheels and the wonderful 1001 Nights. For historic reasons, Sussex was the last part of England to be used. The rest of the country had been successfully Romanized and was already controlled when the troops arrived in this far flung corner of Britain. Of course, the Romans didnt stay for long and left around 410 CE.

Walk along the promenade and sit on the beach

The seafront is a long, paved walkway that begins at Madeira Drive. From here, there are several restaurants that boast fantastic views of the beachfront and sea. There is an abundance of little beaches, including one at King�s Road Arches. The Palace Pier stands out brightly as it looks over the beach and Brighton's buildings. On warm afternoons, Brighton comes alive with an air of creativity and freedom. Whilst walking, you will find people painting under street lights, other’s sketching at the same spot every day, giving them a chance to perfect their art .

Middle Street is packed with different kinds of shops; antique stores to old-fashioned sweet shops. Whatever your interest, I am sure you can locate. I live in Hove, so I am lucky enough to be only a 3 minute walk away from the beach, meaning on nice days I can be sat there so quickly it makes my head spin.  When I am strolling along the promenade, it is hard not to notice the pier which stretches out into the distance.

The first pier was built for pleasure boats and fishing trips- a mecca for the city's inhabitants.  Once pleasure piers became more popular in the early 1800s, more of them were built along Brighton's seafront to cope with this demand. The first attraction along the seafront is the 'Brighton Marine Palace and Pier', built in 1823, this grand hall was home to a whole variety of entertainments. These included a theatre, ballroom and assembly rooms.

The site has been subject to alterations over its life, but it retains the steep rake of its auditorium; a great asset for acrobats! By 1892, when E. P. Dix bought the building off Thomas Somerall Smith, it had been transformed into a roller coaster with drop slides and other delights. The pier, like Britain itself was once an attractive destination, where people would go to enjoy themselves in the days before the internet. It was constructed over a period of years between 1823 and 1838.

It was originally intended to be for business purposes, but became instead a popular promenade for leisure activities. At one time it stretched over 1. 3 miles into the sea, making it the longest pier in the world from 1823-1864. The original idea of calling Brighton a pier was to describe it as a landing place for ships that could berth along a pontoon or pier roughly where the current Palace Pier is moored today.

Take a tour of the Royal Pavilion

I'd claim I was living in Brighton before the rest of the hipster crowd moved in, except that . I'm not. I'm actually a Londoner who stumbled on the city some years ago. I've been in love with it ever since, for its energy, colour, music and waywardness. But there's another captivating thing: its architecture. From ancient ecclesiastical buildings to modernist 21st-century additions, each building has a fascinating tale to tell. And few places tell their tales as well as the Royal Pavilion, one of Brighton and Hove's most remarkable buildings.

It's hard to miss the Royal Pavilion with its gleaming white exterior and wonderfully colourful domes. It's been over 170 years since it was built, yet this cause of architectural marvel remains one of Brighton and Hove's most popular tourist attractions. The Pavilion has hosted a 'who's who'list of royalty from George IV to Queen Victoria, and is even home to the city's best ice cream. Here are some facts about this shimmering jewel on the shoreline.

. There are several tours you can take. You can have a stroll around yourself and explore the various rooms and buildings if you want a more in-depth knowledge. If you’re after a livelier look at the history of the Royal Pavilion, then head to Brighton Museum on King’s Road for an interactive tour of the Royal Pavilion. Also, the tourist train will take you on a scenic route around Brighton and stop outside the Royal Pavilion for photo opportunities.

Great spots for lunch with kids in Brighton

The popularity of the family friendly aspect of our list can be attributed to the tourism in Brighton which is mostly from families. Visitors are just as much a part of the life of Brighton, as its local residents, and this aspect of it is celebrated by all locals and visitors to our wonderful seafront community. It's also helpful that the weather was glorious this year, meaning the beach was out-of-bounds for many restaurants but some may have won extra points on the basis of their outdoor facilities or views.

Get active in Yellow Wave Beach Sports

Don’t let the name put you off, because here at Yellow Wave Beach Sports we’re all about welcoming everyone and anyone to come and have a go at our wide variety of beach sports. If you enjoy tennis, then pop along and have a game on our beach tennis courts; if volleyball is more your thing, why not join in the fun with our ‘beach volleyball’ court; or, if you just fancy whacking a ball about with a few mates while shouting some classic beach sports one-liners then reserve yourself one of our goals for our soccer area.

There’s a lot going on at this surf shop. They not only sell surfboards, wetsuits and swimwear but also Hobie Kayaks and SUPs. If the weather is bad (and also if it’s great) they host daily windsurfing demonstrations on the beach, giving you the opportunity to watch an exciting sport first hand. Yellow Wave Beach Sports also has lots of equipment available for hire. This is great if you can’t be bothered to cart your own towing board and paddle down to the beach – just sign up and they’ll have it ready for you.

Visit one of the citys green spaces

Stanmer Park is a rare example of downland grazing land in the heart of a city. There are many pathways, cycle tracks and bridleways to explore. The park's facilities include an outdoor gym, tennis courts, an adventure playground and children's play areas. The park also offers a café with panoramic views of the South Downs and superb dining experiences from May to September. This year Stanmer House in the park is open to visitors for the first time since the National Trust took over management.

There are plenty of things you can do when visiting Stanmer Park. One is to visit the Victorian ornamental fountain, which was awarded a Grade II listing in 1994. The fountain is situated between two beautiful arches and surrounded by an amphitheatre. Another thing you can do is have a stroll along the South Downs Way which runs through the park. This will take you to the village of Falmer just north of Brighton. When you are next in Brighton take a walk through one of the citys green spaces.

If you like to get out and about then there is plenty to see and do in this area even when you are not on holiday. Take a walk past the Brighton Pier and enjoy relaxing views over the sea. Enjoy your day out by seeing if you can spot famous celebrities, celebrities use Brighton as a holiday destination just like you. To the south of the city you can explore Preston Park. This stunning park offers a great range of activities for children and adults.

Take a trip on the British Airways i360

So, why is BA’s i360 so great? First off, just look at it. Its bright orange supports give it the appearance of a rocket or an airship and when you see it from afar, you immediately know that you’re getting in line to ride an elevator into the clouds. But, when you step inside, theres a clear safety and security process. Each ride is controlled by CCTV and includes a permanent member of staff. Prospective passengers are also interviewed to pre-authorise height and heart problems to ensure their physical fitness.

Head down to Brighton Marina

The marina is located in Hove on the A259, with parking located at the end of the road opposite The Grand and The Avenue. Hove Marina is home to a large number of restaurants where you can enjoy some delicious food and even some delicious cocktails for an affordable price. There are also plenty of cafes on offer to satisfy those quick snacks or meals. And let’s not forget all the ice-cream shops so if you have some spare change left over after your main meal, this is definitely something everyone will enjoy!.

Perhaps the most famous restaurant in Brighton marina is the Beach Café. With stunning sea views across to the Palace Pier and seafront, you can enjoy a delicious meal while listening to live music or watching the sunset. The Beach Café is also a great family venue with plenty of activities for kids such as sand pits, climbing frames and swings for younger ages. For further entertainment there are three sand pits for building sand castles plus an outside play area with a further climbing frame.

Take a stroll along the marina's promenade and enjoy the views of the boats that line the quays. Or, children can collect mussels and crabs at the piers before being shown how to cook them at one of Brighton's seafood restaurants. The berthing area also has a playground, splash pad with fountains and a miniature railway. Visitors who want to take in some thrills can travel on the popular Cable Car ride or head over to Brighton's famous lick ice cream parlour.

Time for some hard-earned dinner

OK, with that said, the best family restaurants in Brighton are not strictly just for children. It is only fair to mention that we do have a wide range of restaurants catering specifically to children, with every facility you need for a safe and fun meal. In fact, it can be quite difficult to get into any restaurant in Brighton with a young child on your hands. They are very popular! However, there are some fantastic places equally enjoyable by all the family.

Places to Go

There are lot of places to go. You can discover the Carlton Hill which is an area of outstanding natural beauty. You can discover the beach and experience waves crashing behind you. Brighton’s famous pier is also great for kids as there is a trip for all ages such as the carousel, fairground rides or the museum itself where you can spend a lot of time exploring pirates and the sea life. There are lots of free things to do in Brighton with kids including walks along the shoreline, looking at boats (particularly old ones), feeding seagulls, rock pooling and eating fish n chips from one of the many seaside shacks offering them fresh from their chip pans.

In this section you will find details ofvarious venues which have been visited by us and look forward to being reviewed in the near future. You will also find any other useful review sites that I’ve found.  If you are searching for a local comprehensive list of things to do; why not start with visiting our Things to Do in Brighton articles, which cover the beaches, activities and seasonal events in detail as well as wide range of attractions.

Chances are that you will find a wide range of things to do on your family days out and holidays, whether it is a day trip from London or further afield. There is no shortage of activities in Brighton and the surrounding areas. Chances are that whatever you are looking for be it a leisurely day out, a fun day out or even something educational for the children you will find it all here. There are plenty of places to go out and about with children in Brighton and nearby.

Whether it is visiting the beach or going to visit family there is fun to be had for everyone. There are lots of things to see near Brighton, if you plan a day trip or maybe you have the children with you, whatever you want you will find it in our list of child friendly attractions. Brighton has lots ofattractions that make it a fun destination for families to visit with children. It's something young children come back to later in life too, because Brighton has plenty to keep the kids entertained at all ages.

It is the most popular seaside resort in the UK and also known as the "London by the Sea". It is located on the south coast of England. A popular attraction in the park is the Lido. This is an old swimming pool which has been renovated and turned into a beautiful outdoor lido, complete with heated pools, paddling pool, diving boards for the daring and even a cafe. We also have a weekly newsletter with even more amazing apps.