Staying Safe Seafront

Staying Safe Seafront


Powerful and unforgiving

To protect the beach and to act as a natural breakwater for future high tides, the council will be putting in a new groyne. The whole repair job is estimated to cost between 20-25 thousand pounds which will be paid for through this year's budget. Thus far the recession has not hit our coastal regeneration strategies too hard. The beaches taken on Kinvara's tourist product, resulting in Aran Islands Cruises and Clew Bay Cruising adding to their schedule, as well as Dublin City of Culture bringing in more coach tours, says Chris.

 'There is potential to increase car parking at any number of areas along the coast between Cleggan and Spiddal; while Galway to Rossaveal could also benefit, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life ( The damage was reported to us by the public. Making its first appearance in the 1960s, this five-metre high rock and concrete structure has become an iconic feature on our coastline over 50 years ago. It was built to protect the beach from winter storms and supporting the groyne is an ongoing issue for engineers, making visits to constantly survey its stability and safety.

Luckily, the banks of Clifton beach are not open to the public and the structures were not in use for those that visit our beaches – these are used by water safety patrol teams. But it gives us a stark warning of how weak these structures can be. The groyne at Clifton forms part of the larger groin structure that runs from Brean Down to Black Rock, near Burnham on Sea. The waves caused this destruction.

Swimming from the shore is also not safe during this high tide period, added Chris. Despite the recent smashing of the Groyne, it is unlikely to be the final chapter in a long and ongoing campaign to stop waves from causing further damage to the structure and nearby picnic area beyond repair. The destruction of the groyne was a natural occurrence said Jane Golding, of Wick Studios who have been commissioned to produce scale models of the local coast and seascape.

The team have been working with PAS, the Environment Agency and Wick Museum, all on a voluntary basis. Lifeguards are only on duty from 8 am to 5 pm. During all other hours of the day, lifeguards do not stand at their posts. Call 999 and ask for the coastguard if you see someone being pulled towards the water in a rip-tide by another person or animal. What to do if you see anyone in danger on the beach or attempting to enter the water in poor sea conditions.

Hidden dangers

The beach at Brighton and Hove is made up of a large volume of broken shell and the tide brings waves from the English Channel. This being so, one might think that no one would be deceived by the appearance of this place, and regard it as a breakwater rather than a sandy bay; but I have more than once met with people who were unaware that they were standing upon a short uneven row of stones, set edgeways like steps, close to the sea: in fact there is nothing to distinguish it from a dry beach except the green seaweed which grows upon it.

With stunning scenery and fantastic weather, it is no wonder that Brighton, Hove and the rest of Sussex are considered a top tourist destination for those living in the UK. There are some beaches on the south coast which are made up of mainly shingle, but for seaside resorts like Brighton & Hove, there is soft sand. This makes it very appealing for a beach day out but there are some hidden dangers which people need to be aware of.

No Christmas Day sea swim

We have a special relationship with the sea here in Brighton, and on many occasions over the years we have seen people brave its weather for a Christmas Day dip,'says Tony Baker, managing director of North Pier Operations. 'However, it is not safe to swim at this time of year due to gale force winds and rough seas so we are asking everyone to enjoy the views rather than refresh those tans!'. The council leader Jason Kitcat said: “Our response to this annual event will be the same as last year.

We’ll be closing access to Brighton’s beaches from about 10am Christmas morning until after the beach has cleared. The police will then follow a rolling programme of beach patrols from that point onwards. No Christmas Day sea swim:  The council will once again be taking extra measures to discourage swimmers from taking a Christmas Day dip by closing access to the beaches around Brighton Palace Pier and erecting signs warning against unauthorised access. The council will once again be taking extra measures to discourage swimmers from taking a Christmas Day dip by closing access to the beaches around Brighton Palace Pier.

As in previous years, the council will close off access to the seafront from The Level to Black Rock and Preston Avenue on Christmas Day. The Brighton and Hove City Council is planning to close the Palace Pier seafront to discourage people to take a Christmas Day dip. Chris is with the University of Brighton's Marine Laboratory and is a keen rock pooler unlike me. This article was interesting; Chris explains why this beach is different to other south coast beaches and how it has hidden dangers.

Happy to advise

I LOVE to hear that swimmers want to take part in the high tide swims. We've enjoyed meeting many of you since you started coming from all over the world. I hope you are enjoying this great experience and making some good memories in Hastings – but we also hope that you'll talk to us beforehand so that we can be sure you are kept safe. ". The past couple of weekends have seen a number of people attempt to swim the Fairy Pools, but unfortunately their attempts have ended in failure.

This isn't because they can't swim - they are all able swimmers - it's because of the changeable weather conditions and dangerous swell. The seafront team is always happy to advise swimmers on sea conditions. We have constant updates on the weather conditions and would urge anyone wanting to swim in the sea to talk to us first. The winds are very strong this morning and the tide is with it so there’s a real danger.

Try the Lido!

Christmas day is nearly here and for many people that means getting together with friends, family and of course the in-laws. For some though it means a morning relaxing by the pool with a good book and refreshing drink, sunbathing or even having a dip in the pool. Saltdean Lido opened up its doors to people of all ages for a dip on Christmas Day morning last year and it was a great success. Lido! Christmas Day Pool Swim – Time to jump in the pool on Christmas Day!  There will be two sessions (10-11am & 2.

30-3. 30pm). The pool will be heated to 26 degrees and mince pies, mulled wine, fairy lights and other seasonal treats will be provided. Christmas swims are a great opportunity to shake off the stresses of the season in a glittering, seasonal setting. Theres nothing quite like wadding about in three feet of crystal clear, warm water while sipping mulled wine and eating mince pies. We will be monitoring the situation throughout Sunday, but as of now, no one should attempt to swim.