London To Brighton Bike Challenge

London To Brighton Bike Challenge


How Fit Do I need to be to join a Level 2.5 Bike Ride?

When you join the Dragon Ride team, you are committing to join a large group of cyclists for a particular ride. There is no timesheet system and it isn’t a race against other riders. It is about being comfortable with the speed of your own ride, as we all go at different paces. Most rides are done at a relaxed pace, and each is different. Some of you may prefer to be in the front, but we don’t recommend this – unless you are not affected by physical exertion and can cycle faster than the others, this will impact on the enjoyment of the rest of the group.

You might have noticed that if you visit the Strava website, they suggest certain levels for you to select from when joining a ride, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life ( This can be really useful as you are more than welcome to join any ride, but by selecting the correct level, you are not going to be left behind. These levels are also used on Strava’s mobile apps if you are taking part in a ride and your GPS is turned on.

It must be noted though that these do not just apply to cycling but could also pertain to other sports like running or swimming!. So you feel that even though you cycle a lot, a change of scenery and company would be fun. You are confident that you could cope with riding in good conditions (if it isn’t raining you should be fine). But does this mean you are ready for a level 2. 5 ride?.

Included In Trip

If you want to ride to the top of the Toubkal mountain that is near Marrakech, then this adventure trip is for you. Toubkal is the highest peak in North Africa and one of the highest peaks in all of Africa . This mountain is a serious challenge even when ridden from Marrakech and is only recommended to experienced cyclists. We will do everything possible to support you on your way up, so that you can reach Koutoubi Lake (at the approximate two third point) by sunset.

But if you are not strong enough and/or do not push yourself hard enough, we will take you back down. And we will also help if you have any food or water related problems en route, as well. Welcome to the first of this year's joint rides with the Handstead Cycle Club (HCC) . This ride is intended to be a classic "Trip to the Lakes" and returns to a favourite location, Holme-on-Spalding Moor. The ride will be run by our experienced HCC leader, David Sorsby.

It's approximately 40 miles long . About 600 metres of climbing. There'll be one "slight" off-road section (200 yards or so). Wheels of Fortune?  I’m not sure what that means, but this trip certainly is one with wheels. Three wheels in fact - our trusty steeds with which we will ride the roads and trails of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the South Downs National Park - or four if you count me on my Brompton folding bike.

A day trip to Canguçu, a quiet river village with houses immersed in luxuriant vegetation and its colorful surroundings. Walk along its streets under the shadows of its ancient mansions. Post-lunch return to Tubarão via the coast road passing through Quaraí and Arroio do Silva. Leading safe, fun & exciting group cycle rides under the banner of ‘Bicycle Queensland Adventures’ - bookings essential. Experienced adventure cyclist and first-aid trained leader. Support vehicle with first aider, mechanical back-up, spare parts, and refreshments.

Lunch. My best trip yet! Fab hosts, brilliant ride leaders; any organisation worries just melted away and it felt really great to be part of the group. Wish you'd run more trips like this and didn't have to go back to work. Thanks for a perfect weekend :-). But how do you know which trains to take when? One option is this website (though it doesnt tell you about peak-hour restrictions). Another way is to check with the lovely staff at Brighton Station.

Equipment Required

Are you tired of the same old workouts where your progress seems to slow down over time? Are you sick of boring "shapes" or boring "cardio" ? If so, we have the perfect solution for you. The youth of today are lacking a true appreciation of weight training (and other forms of resistance training ex: bodyweight exercises) and what it can actually do for them. People today are convinced that to be good at something you need to spend 30+ hours a week practicing the skill being practiced.

What if we told you that could be true in a sense but only if YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT TRAINING WITH A BARBELL! Employing a similar strategy that has been used with explosive movements for athletes when. I briefly considered writing about how the cost of film and processing has come way down in recent years…and then I realized that was a waste of my time. There are plenty of blogs out there devoted to helping you lasso low-cost [digital] photography solutions…but none of them care to bring you the traditional look, feel, and tangible value of traditional film photography or discuss your options in getting them processed.

We'll cover everything from the criteria for choosing a great used camera that offers professional features to where to find a gem of a lab for those images worth saving and sharing. Excluded From Trip. Accommodation. Snacks. Transport to and from the event. They can speak detailed knowledge about the status of trains, and its always worth a double-check before leaving. But you'll want to avoid big conurbations so I'd suggest somewhere between Macclesfield and Peterborough - Lincoln, Grantham, Newark, Retford.


Avoid undue haste. Nothing should be left to chance. Ensure you have the correct equipment so that if it does rain you are prepared, and if it is hot you have enough water and lip balm to protect your skin. Being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. It isn't about carrying lots of equipment (unless you need to) its more about being aware of the environment around you so that when that environment changes, you can change with it.

Weather is something you should be preparing for. Nobody wants to go on holiday and get sunburnt or get wet and sleepless. Thankfully there are ways to protect yourself from getting both of these injuries. By having two products you can cover a wide range of possibilities. It isn’t fully impossible that it could rain during a camping trip, but it isn’t very likely either especially in the UK where it doesn’t rain too much.

Now, I'm not going to go all wobbly and talk about the weather forever – instead, let's just state that there will be some kind of climate for this event. And, it'll be hot. So whether you're well equipped for rain or hot weather, pack a vest top/light t-shirt (even though I'm a big fan of layers). Still hankering after more weather? OKAY, some other things to think about are. Weather can affect all of us but most of you are quite familiar with my passions and work relating to it.