Living Costs Brighton

Living Costs Brighton


Living and accommodation costs

Moving to the UK, and especially to the Brighton area, means making sure you’re not over or under spending. When it comes to cost of living as a Brighton student, it is often quite easy once you’ve arrived in Brighton to go on a spending spree when you see how cheap things can be. In fact, you may be used to budgeting for absolutely everything before you leave your home country and this could mean that when you arrive there is room for generous amounts of extra spending.

Well done on getting the place of your dreams in halls! Whether you're moving across from another uni to join us at Sussex or you're moving down from home, all of us who live in halls and flats have just one thing in common: we’re all students, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life ( As part of an exciting and stimulating environment, you'll get to know your fellow residents both inside and outside of the hall or flat community. The accommodation you choose to live in while you're studying at Sussex will have an impact on just how much you need to budget for living costs.

The good news is that there's a huge range of properties and renting companies to choose from, meaning you can be sure to find somewhere that suits your budget. We've provided a few different options below - how much will you need to fork out?. Living in Brighton and Hove is one of the key benefits when studying at Sussex, but it also has a reputation for being expensive. There are a multitude of costs to consider when thinking about the total cost of living here, so we have broken these costs down for you.

Moving to a new country is always going to be expensive, but if you want to make the most of your time at Sussex, and live on-campus, you will need to budget realistically. Find out more below about living on campus and what your accommodation costs might be. Looking for information about the cost of living during your time as a Sussex student? This student guide will give you an overview of what to expect in terms of the costs of living at Sussex.

Costs and budgeting advice

We offer a range of services, including appointment times for one-to-one financial advice sessions and the annual Open Funding Day where we provide drop in advice sessions. We can help with questions you might have about eligibility for funding, budgeting issues, student loans, grants, tuition fees and more. We also hold Student Money Workshops which are free to attend. You can arrange an appointment with us by making an appointment or selecting an open slot from ourFaceBook accountor meeting our Student Finance Adviser in person.

We’re here to give you independent advice and information about the funding available to you, so you can concentrate on your studies. Contact ourStudent Funding Teamif you need help or have any queries regarding money at Sussex. From opening a bankaccount, to applying for financial support or getting guidance on your personal finances, we’ll help with everything you need. They can also advise on Housing and Disability related queries relating to all student finance. We haveinformation leaflets and worksheets available, plus space to discuss your questions.

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Living costs sources

All costs are listed in a monthly format, broken down into three separate categories. The first is the essential costs, which are required to live and study at your chosen University. These totals have been calculated based on 1 year’s worth of estimates of living costs. The second section shows the necessary additional costs that students face when studying away from home in order for you to live comfortably whilst in student accommodation. This includes social activities (e.

g. , mid-week nights out with friends), low cost ways to entertain yourself (e. g. , Netflix, Spotify), eating healthily (optional) and ensuring you can travel easily around the United Kingdom. And finally, there is a small other section, which details any other minor costs including travel cards. Like most people, students are typically interested in one thing when they are starting university: how much are rents going to cost? The short answer is the average rent for a room in a house shared with others is £153.