How To Train For The London To Brighton Bike Ride

How To Train For The London To Brighton Bike Ride


Martone Cycling Co Grand Diamond

I also ordered a 100ml bottle of their Diamond lube, which is the most unbelievably tacky lube I have ever tried. Now I know this might not be going down well with the Martone fans out there, but believe me when I say that in a good way. It is not like any of the other boutique lubes I have tried recently, it reminds me of my earliest days of cycling just a couple of years ago when you would think all lubes were made the same and were all just for stopping your chain falling off.

 What they dont tell you is that your chain actually needs to be able to move when you are riding your bike without screeching in protest every time you turn the crank arm, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life ( The Diamond ,. Diamonds are a cyclists best friends, or so the saying goes, and there is no better way of showcasing them than on one of Martones bikes. The Diamond comes in four different colourways: bottle green, fire engine red, matte grey and one with a hint of gold.

It has everything you would expect from a bike costing over £1,500 - full mudguards to keep you clean as you ride through the rain; two chain rings offering 22 speeds and 3 cogs for those steep hills; high-quality tires fitted onto tried-and-tested rims; and a Shimano index gear system for smooth spinning action. With this bike on your side, shedding pounds will be easy. The Martone Diamond is the workhorse of the range with hybrid geometry and a carbon frame that can take a pounding on the roads.

Its great for commuting or pretending that you are Italian when youre riding it along the Riviera Coast. With the same attention to detail and build quality as the rest of the range, this bike really is something special. If you are the proud owner of a Martone Diamond, chances are that your friends have probably been eyeing it up ever since you picked it up. The colour blocking is what first grabbed our attention.

Its like a pack of Tic Tac sweets, only better looking. It stood out to us from the crowd and we knew that this bike wouldnt look out of place in P Diddys mansion (is that what hes calling himself these days?!). The Diamond has a few smart touches that mark it out as something more than your average bling bike:  Martone makes a rather fine range of handmade wooden bicycles, some of which come with special features such as handgrips connected by strings.

Nothing too gimmicky, more a touch you might not have considered on any other bicycle. The American Express Community Stadium (Falmer Stadium) was a new football stadium built in the Falmer area of the city of Brighton & Hove, England. The club promoted and relegated to the division 5 times before winning the championship place in 2013. History and Description. Some people call the Amex stadium Falmer Stadium. Besides, it is also called Brighton Community Stadium.

Pashley Poppy

Pashley Poppy. Periwinkle blue and classically styled, this bike harks back to a bygone era and will have you yearning to ride through blossom filled parks- with a sprung leather saddle and mudguards for preserving the pretty dress youre bound to be wearing, all thats missing is a basket for stowing your belongings. If youre after a weekend bike for fun rides, this is just the ticket. Pashley Poppy. A super lovable & fun bike in PERIWINKLE BLUE with a classic styling and a sprung leather saddle, this 20 inch bike is the perfect way to explore the back lanes of your neighbourhood or to cruise around in style at the local parks.

Brand new, this bike comes with mudguards and a fully enclosed chainguard to protect those pretty dainties while youre out for a joyride. We would like to thank you for coming back and hope you will enjoy browsing through our site and find many exciting deals. Here is the famous Pashley Poppy.  Periwinkle blue, classically styled, this bike harks back to a bygone era and will have you yearning to ride through blossom filled parks- with a sprung leather saddle and mudguards for preserving the pretty dress you.

The Foffa Single Speed

When I began my cycle commute at the end of last year, I decided to research which bike would best serve my needs. I was commuting 3 miles each way, with a strong incline on both sides (think - hill 7%; slope 32%). As most of you will know, a single-speed bike makes commuting on hilly terrain easier. The Single Speed Foffa is an affordable bike that has been manufactured in Taiwan and then imported into the UK by Condor Cycles .

The Foffa is available in blue and white Hi-ten steel, and features a low-pressure Schwalbe Marathon Racer tire for reliable performance on both the road and unsurfaced terrain. The frame has been carefully constructed from Hi-Ten steel with long rear stays for optimum seat comfort with an easy reach to the handlebars. This allows you to tackle practically any bumps in your way with ease. The Foffa Single Speed is a marvel of engineering. The bike's Hi-ten steel frame and fork are perfectly crafted to deliver maximum stiffness, rigidity and responsiveness.

This ensures that you are always in complete control of the bike — even when manoeuvring swiftly through tight urban environments and sharp bends. The 'Foffa frameset comes in at an incredible price for a bike of such solid construction, which is why it's so popular with our customers. It's great value for money, and comes complete with mudguards and a rear rack to boot!. The Foffa is suited for anyone, from complete beginners to those with a few tricks under their belt.

Sirrus Comp Carbon Disc

The Dahon Mu SL is incredibly versatile. It can convert into a road bike, into a foldable bike, and, as the name implies, it even has a rear rack! Despite all of these features there are some tradeoffs. Everything on the bike that’s not essential gets sacrificed in order to keep the weight low. As for durability there have been reports that the derailleur occasionally gets stuck mid ride. This is a minor inconvenience to be expected from a cheaper product.

The first style of tires that we recommend are commuter or touring tires. These generally have lower rolling resistance due to their greater profile and contact with the road. Traveling long distances at a slow pace will really help these tires out. When fitted as a pair, you can experience longer tread life and better puncture resistance. They are also much more apt to be suited for different riding conditions. There’s an old saying among cyclists that goes “Weight weenies ride steel.

” What it means is that cyclists who are very serious about racing and performance will often choose a bicycle with a metal frame for its superior durability and bike-handling characteristics. The Carbon Comp Disc has a carbon frame, which will make it both lightweight and comfortable. The bike is made by Fezzari, which is a brand which specializes in high-quality bikes for the everyday rider. Singlespeed mountain bikes are our best sellers, and the Foffa is perfect for commuting or dirty weekend rides.

Charge 2016 Grater 3

Decathlon have a huge selection of bikes. They are the new kids on the block but they are making a big impression. They've won awards from Cycling Plus and Total Women's Cycling for their range of bikes including this Charge 2016 Grater 3 Hybrid Bike. Their bikes feature strong but lightweight alloy frames, puncture resistant tyres, multi-gear systems and more. For the features you get it is really good value for money (it will save you from dropping even more cash in the long run too).

Keeping it outside will help you avoid the hassle of rusting and stay in excellent condition through any weather havoc. Charged – the world leading electric bike manufacturer. Charged Electric Bikes which have been designed, developed and built using only the very latest Lithium ion battery technology with a huge range of bikes to choose from all available in a variety of different sizes to choose from. On the Street or Off-Road, Sporty or Comfortable? Just browse our range and feel certain that we’ll have something for you.

This is the urban cruiser that I’ve personally picked for 2016. Built by Grater, a brand which also thrives in its timber construction fruit and vegetable boxes, this bike has some convenient durability features. The chain is anti-rust, wheels are puncture resistant and the tyres have treads built to last for long distances without wearing at the edges. With an incredibly smooth ride and superior quality, it wasnt hard to name the Charge Grater 3 as an overall winner of the best hybrid bikes category.

Bobbin Scout 2016 Road Bike

Starting at the front youve got your classic road-bike head set and there are lots of nice little touches such as cable routing through the down tube. The retro-style fork adds to the overall appearance of this model, which incidentally also has mounts for mud guard. It is worth noting that you can fit fenders to any of the bikes here with a little bit of adjustment. This is certainly nice if you plan on riding in more than just dry weather, or around more than just smooth surfaces!.

The Bobbin Scout 2016 Road Bike  comes equipped with an 18spd Shimano low-profile 3x8 (28-38) cranks.  Combining the gears youre presented with makes shifting simple when youre riding hard up a hill and need to change gear to make it easier, or when you need to sprint off. There are Tektro R710 dual pivot brakes acting on the deep-section Vittoria Rubino 700 X 23c tires and Alloy road rims allowing you to control everything in your power out on the road.

The great-looking, retro-styled Bobbin Scout is a real eye-catcher and that goes for the colour scheme as well as the design. Smartly finished off with a practical vinyl saddle cover and vinyl bar tape for extra comfort on long rides, the Scout is the obvious choice for anyone looking for a good all-rounder that can be used for the daily commute or weekend touring. Enclosed with each bike is a certificate of authenticity, signed by Chris Boardman.

This will allow you to sign up to the Bobbin Scouts on the companys website, which will earn you rewards as you log miles on your new bicycle. Theres also a certificate covering the bike itself confirming its age and provenance. This retro racing-tourer is undeniably beautiful and with a Hi-ten steel frame and cantilever brakes, will be sturdy as well. The alloy mudguards, white bar tape and vinyl saddle all add to the look, meaning youll want to show this one off around town.