Free Parking In Brighton

Free Parking In Brighton


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Unfortunately Brighton is running out of parks. Something must be done to stop more and more people parking in the city centre, but also ensure there is ample parking for residents and therefore adopt a new way of parking. One potential solution is for Provident Financial (Brighton's parent company) to release its land designated for future development as on street car parking. Parking in Brighton has long been a problem, but if someone other than Brighton and Hove City Council started offering pay-by-phone parking then motorists would be able to start paying for their parking before they even reach their destination.

The previous two Brighton parking apps failed due to poor marketing and very little in the way of downloads, although both had a great idea, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life ( This app aims to take those ideas and implement the required changes from a successful mobile app service. In Brighton we are fortunate to have more than 1500 on-street car parking spaces in over 20 streets and 10 multi-storey car parks. Not forgetting our beachside and pier car parks with spectacular views of the city and sea.

Where to park for free on the seafront

Parking around on Brighton is not cheap. So if you have a car and planning to just park it on the seaside with the whole family, then it will cost you a fortune. Therefore, before you begin your journey to Brighton read my article to find out where to park for free in Brighton (also many other places in UK and Europe) and the best places to park where you wont get a fine for parking on streets.

We drive in UK and we want to park. But where to leave the car on the beach or where to find free car parking near seafront. I was walking through Brighton town centre with my girlfriend last Sunday and we were discussing how to find a place to park our car. Brighton is not just about party and good times. It is also known for its high number of free parking spots above. If you.

Another thing you want to be aware of is the prices of these Car Parks. For example, stay entire afternoon on the carpark at Brighton Marina (free) will cost you £8.  One of cheapest car parks in Brighton I've found is on Western Road, its only £2 per hour (I paid more than that on the other side of the road). But can you park for free on Brighton seafront? Yes you can. There is one FREE car park situated on the Brighton Marina and another one across the location along with many other cheap car parks.

More free on street parking in Brighton

10+ Places where you can park for free in Brighton.  Brighton is a town and seaport city on the south coast of England. It is the major part of the city of Brighton & Hove, in the county of East Sussex. The Hotels will usually charge you £15-£25 a day for parking but you can use this guide to find free street parking in Brighton (and Hove). In and around Brighton there are plenty of roads famous for free parking.

But some are in the middle of nowhere, some dont have meters and only some have a blue badge space nearby. Not every road will have a blue badge space near by but most now should have one somewhere and all parking should be free. More free on street parking in Brighton. There is much more places to park for free and usually the further from the seafront you going the more youll find. The main question here is: How far is still close? Thats the reason why I tried to show you the closest ones I know about.

Today we’re going to talk about how to find for free parking in Brighton. Lets start from the beginning: You arrive in your car to Brighton, pay the entrance fee of £6. 40 (no matter what you use for transport, even if it is only a walk), and then you go for a walk around town. As a tourist in Brighton you dont like the idea to pay big money to park your car and looking for the next 3 hours for an free parking, especially when there are meters everywhere.

I hope here find something for yourself where you can park your car all day for free. Now lets start right in the center and drive along the seafront of the city from west to east. The parking fee in Brighton is £1 for 2 hours, that is if you dont exceed the maximum stay on this day. If you do go beyond, they will charge you for a whole day for £8. There are currently 28,416 parking spaces in Brighton available on Streetcar.

Park & Ride in Brighton

The free parking for Brighton Park and Ride is on Lewes Road. Its a good 15-20mins walk to reach Churchill Square. If you have kids, dont plan if they will be able to walk that far. While it isnt that far (just up the hills and across the long tunnel), because its through the round abouts on the roads, cars, bikes and other pedestrians, one wrong step/move/reach - could lead to accident? So I recommend free parking at Lewes Rd over Churchill Square which costs some money.