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Falmer Stadium



It is the third time that Reading have won an award at the annual Stadium Business Awards, having previously won the New Venue Award in 2009 for Madejski Stadium and Marketing Team of the Year for the Madejski Stadium Box Office team in 2006. The club also won Club Marketing Campaign of the Year (under 20,000 capacity) in 2008/09 for a programme of marketing activities to support the launch of a new nickname. The Stadium Business Awards recognise outstanding achievement in the design, construction and operation of stadia and major refurbishment projects around the world.

The awards are coordinated by Stadium Business magazine, the leading publication for stadium business issues since 2002, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life (brightonandhovelife.co.uk). The Stadium Business Awards is the leading international awards programme dedicated exclusively to recognising and celebrating excellence throughout the world of sports venues and the business of sport hosting. The Stadium Business Awards are held in association with the SportBusiness International magazine and look to identify, reward and celebrate excellence in the management of a wide range of sports venues.

The Stadium Business Awards are the only awards in the industry that solely recognise achievements by venue managers’, investors’ and operators’ own initiatives. In June 2017 the stadium was voted the Best Stadium in the World as part of the Stadium Business Awards. The second match was between Samoa and the United States on 29 September 2015. The Samoans came from behind to beat the United States 22-16 after Siua Halanukonuka scored a try in the right corner with time almost up.


On 11 May 2009, the construction of the stadium was awarded the maximum 5 gold stars for environmentally friendly design by the Green Building Council. This is the first time any stadium has achieved this award. The ecological key features include natural lighting of the interior, natural ventilation, use of local materials, warm roof and rainwater harvesting. The site was previously occupied by a mixture of factory units and light industry, light railway lines and a shifting area used by Jeyes for the storage of ammonia and lime.

A detergent bottle manufacturer, Howard Pyle, had also occupied the site. The site is bordered by farmland to the west with a sprinkling of houses on Village Way to the north. The new stadium is completely covered by a 1. 5-metre-thick (4. 9 ft) concrete raft to support its foundations, which are 60–90 cm (2–3 ft) deep and fan out in the soil under the stadium's north stand. This engineering solution allowed the southern end of the stadium to be built a few metres from South Village Road without disturbing residents.

. The roof is designed to support an additional 8,000 seats if needed; however, the upper tier is parallel to the pitch and not connected. From the first game at the stadium to March 2013, they added another 1,500 seats in the south-west corner. In total, it still retains its intimate atmosphere with the seats very close to the pitch. On 6 April 2009, the construction team was awarded the "Demolition and clearance" contract for the Old Trafford stadium.


Every indication is that the stadium will be a success though. Its location, on a previously industrial part of town, has meant that a lot of new houses have been built in the area and, therefore, a lot of new shoppers in the vicinity. Stadium:mk opened with a capacity of 32,609 when it was built for the 2000/01 season and despite a number of expansions to its capacity has remained around this level. The Amex’s standout feature is the roof, which was designed to resemble the shell of a tortoise and is an entirely retractable design.

The new stadium also has a number of very impressive technological extras that are a step up on the old ground, with 29 giant screens scattered around the stands, as well as new microchipped seats and even USB ports. The Amex has a slightly unorthodox capacity of just under 31,000. This is at least partially due to the fact that the ground is not fully enclosed on all four sides: two corners remain open, though they do have seats.

The pitch itself is very large, but it's not really noticeable when sat in the stands. The first tier of seats in all four stands spirals around the lower tiers giving good views from every angle and, although steep, there are no awkward sight-lines. This is particularly the case in The South Stand as the pitch is visible from approximately 35,000 seats spread over two tiers. The Amex opened in 2011 and can hold a maximum of 30,750 fans.

It has been built using recyclable materials and sustainable building techniques and features a spectacular water wall that cascades about five metres into the bowl of the stadium below ground level. The team built an estimated 100,000 cubic meters of material and rubble tower to the east of the ground. The stadium has also hosted several England Counties international matches, including a match against New Zealand Māori in October 2009 and another against USA Islanders in October 2010.

Falmer Stadium Photos

There are a few important things to note about Falmer Stadium. The first is that the away fans for both of the teams that play here aren’t placed in one specific stand, but instead are mixed about across the stadium, predominantly in the South and North Stands. As a result, there are no designated away areas at the Amex, which will likely help contribute to the atmosphere on matchdays. The second is that all four stands offer safe standing options – of a seat bridge variety.

Out of preference I would opt for one of these, as standing terraces have been linked to poor supporter behaviour. The South Stand is where you enter The Amex. This stand is the biggest and tallest of the four sides. It contains 19 Premium Seats and 1,850 Standard Seats. There are no Executive Boxes in this stand which is by far the cheapest of them all. The view from the seats is excellent – our Premium seats gave us a great view of what was happening on the pitch.

But there were some oddities… such as the fact that there are no seat numbers on any of the seats. This means that should you not be able to find a specific seat for booking purposes, you will be unable to accurately identify it. The ground has a capacity of just over 30,000 and is built to UEFA Category 4 standard (high-level), meaning that it can host international football. This includes hosting the 2019 Under-21 European Championship.

The access route to Falmer station from the M23 could be a bit complicated for some so the club will add an additional stop on match days. The North Stand houses the home support, and is made up primarily of red seats. The upper level is specified as being for students, though I’m not sure whether it was intended to be an all-seated area for Brighton fans as well; there are quite a many standing places available to home supporters in this stand.

Falmer Stadium Seating Plan & Where to Sit

For the newcomers, the stadium is best approached from Falmer Station. After exiting the station on to Borough Road at the top (north) of the High Street, you can either follow it back down, or turn left onto London Road which splits not too far ahead. You should carry on this road as it becomes Elm Grove and skirts around the outside of the Amex Stadium. Turn right when you see Falmer Lawn Tennis Club and the grey gates will be let you in - Welcome!.

The first C14H since 1971, a solid looking three year plan and the resulting new ground has been well received. While some fans will travel to away games by plane, others like to go by rail. All of Brighton's supporters'clubs are situated in London (Leicester Square, Holborn and King's Cross). On match days The Sussex Express Club coach travels to Falmer Stadium and also offers regular social events throughout the year for members. I made a decision to make Falmer my seat of choice pre-match, partially because 2k13 FIFA told me I was reserved for it.

The ground is topped and tailed by supersized video screens, which is always pleasing on the eyes, and there’s an air of familiarity to proceedings. Let’s start at the top … er, bottom. Below is a seating plan of the North Stand at The Amex and throughout the guide you’ll find links to fixtures so you can go ahead and book your seat for a game. The Falmer Stadium is pretty compact, so unlike many modern football grounds where you have to walk for miles to reach your seat from the entrance, here you can do it in less than five minutes.

Getting To Falmer Stadium

You will find these are the cheapest and quickest ways of reaching Falmer. They should be quite familiar to anyone who has been to a British sporting event before and even if you havent, they are easy to use. The Brighton & Hove Bus Company have an excellent bus service which covers all areas of the city, with some routes going out further than the stadium itself. Theres also a useful railway station directly opposite the Amex with services running frequently to London, Portsmouth, Southampton, Oxford and other nearby cities, so you really wont need to go far for an enjoyable day trip.

There has been an awful lot said and written about getting to The Amex stadium, but you can be rest assured that getting to Falmer is the least of your concerns. Outside of Brighton & Hove Buses (www. buses. co. uk) operating a frequent, reliable service from along the road outside and from the terminus at East Street , there are actually plenty of other options that bear consideration:. Getting to Falmer Stadium is no easy feat and there have been a lot of questions over the last few years about how one would go about doing it.

While the club did well to incorporate fans in the decision-making process at times during construction, there were undoubtedly elements that needed addressing once the ground opened its doors in 2011. If youre planning on seeing a game at the Amex well…youre in for a treat. Albeit a questionable one, considering the clubs recent success. The Falmer Stadium, or as its better known, The Amex is one of the best football grounds in England. There are a number of standard ways of getting to Falmer from all points of the compass.

As it’s immaculately placed between the A27 and A23, you’re never more than 10 minutes from the stadium by road or rail. Getting to Falmer Stadium can be a little bit of an adventure, but its certainly worth it. Here are some of the most common ways you can get there. The Falmer Stadium holds just over 30,000 fans. It is primarily an all-seater stadium and has the largest capacity of any stadium in The Championship.

Falmer Stadium Hotels

If youre planning to stay in the Falmer Stadium or near University of Brighton student accommodation then the Gledhill Hotel is a lovely little gem of a place. Great food, good location and facilities make this a very attractive proposition. Similarly, The Waterfront is another very nice place to stay. It has super-clean rooms with sea views, and its close proximity to king & castle is ideal if you want somewhere slightly more central than Brighton city centre.

The Ashleigh  Has a four star rating on TripAdvisor and is just under 10 minutes walk from the stadium. It makes bills itself as an "eco friendly boutique hotel" with oak floors, period brass ceilings and a spacious conservatory dining room featuring bay windows. It also boasts an award-winning vegetarian restaurant that serves everything from jacket potatoes to curry – perfect for satisfying even the most demanding of Celtic players!. If you would like to stay in the town centre, there are numerous hotels on the high st.

If youre on a budget opt for an executive room at the Thistle Hotel which provides all day tea and coffee with complimentary water bottles. This is a top location here which also boasts free parking, though it is not directly on the seafront. Falmer stadium is a well-known football stadium in England, which has been used by various football teams over the years. This is one of the areas that the Falmer Stadium excels at as it offers a good view wherever you may sit.

Pubs & Bars Near Falmer Stadium

1. The Gaff brightonandhovelife.co.uk One of the local's favourites, and just a short walk from the Falmer stadium, this pub has a great welcoming atmosphere and also serves good fresh food to match. This is made in the pub by using local produce, never frozen food here. There's also a large outdoor seating area if you plan to take advantage of this Brighton place in nice weather. It's run by Matt and Tracy who can always be found greeting customers upon arrival and is very friendly to lone travellers or friends travelling independently.

If you find yourself in need of rest, they have several rooms available for their guests upstairs including double beds for couples or larger rooms including bunk beds should you have a. If youre in Brighton as a sports fan, youll know how frustrating it can be to try and find the best free live streams online. Whether youre watching the latest NFL game or looking forward to watching the UFC live stream, its usually pretty tricky to find decent sites that arent going to charge you a small fortune for premium services.

But no longer is it like that. Nowadays there are literally 1000s of options for sports fans when it comes to finding free live streams online, and I have reviewed all of them so that you can find exactly whats right for your needs. 1. The Falmer (Sports Bar and Grill). This is a close second to the pub above, and has a huge pool table inside – making it the ideal place for you to relax with your friends before the game – or if youre on your own, a perfect drinking hole to watch sports and play some pool! The food is very enjoyable, with good size portions, and for those football fans who like to start their day early, this is the place for you as you can kick off your day at 10pm on a Sunday.

Just make sure youre back in time for the 12:30 kick off!. If you fancy downing a few pints in a boisterous sports bar on Falmer St, then Mr Dooley’s might tick all the boxes. With plenty of TVs dotted around the bar area, there wont be much chance of missing any of the game. You can enjoy great food here too here, so you can feel good about not compromising your health. Check out their website to see what theyre serving up before you visit!.

There are some excellent pubs close to Falmer Stadium. By using the pub map above youll be able to see exactly where they are, and how many there are in each location. Theres even a few traditional English boozers near by, which will feel very familiar to anyone who has been to a match at the Amex before. If youre planning to catch a Brighton & Hove Albion game at Falmer stadium, then this is the guide for you.


Inside the seating bowl is a sea of reds, with the fans facing outwards from the pitch and towards The Amex’s landmark lighthouse. The cross-beams and roof above the seats are covered in red panels, which really helps to enhance the feel-good factor for visiting Swansea City fans, and contrasts starkly with Brighton United’s blue home shirts. There is no real unique selling point to this west stand; it’s simply a functional structure that does a good job of keeping people out of the rain and noise in.

The Amex Stadium is a fine stadium, with a clean and modern feel. It is also home to three football clubs; Brighton & Hove Albion, Brighton & Hove Whitehawk F. C. and the Sussex FA headquarters, so has excellent facilities for all those groups.  My visit was for the match between Crystal Palace and Brighton, which was a rather dull 0-0 draw. But my main reason for visiting The Amex Stadium was to take in the experience of supporting my team further, and truly experiencing it as an active football fan.

The catering facilities are all of a high standard and provide the supporters with the choice of a number of different food and drink options. There is something for every supporter and even provides vegan and vegetarian options. The catering staff are very welcoming at all times, with one member of staff being particularly helpful when needed. The newly developed concourses behind-the-scenes are impressive, with plenty of food and drink outlets to occupy your time before kick off and at half-time.

The new facilities behind-the-scenes are also state of the art, with plenty of open space and a pleasant ambient temperature for supporters to meet up and catch up before the game. The main stand at The Amex is covered, meaning that all seats have a roof over them for protection from the elements. Each of the other three stands are seated and uncovered, giving good views of the pitch. Travel to The Amex is straightforward and straight forward from any of Brighton's surrounding towns.


A ground-breaking new era in hospitality is here at the Amex Stadium. Yes, this is a bold statement to make, but weve got some amazing features for our customers and fans to enjoy. From ringside seats, backstage access to the dugouts, an impressive array of food and drink options -- from champagne receptions, Michelin-starred dinners and gourmet burgers -- to all-inclusive trips down memory lane via our stadium tours. And once youre inside the stadium, youll have plenty more great experiences on tap.

Away from the ripping open of the envelope, and the tension in the room as the winners are announced (could it be you?), there was a real sense of harmony among our guests as we celebrated three great awards for the club. The team behind the award-winning hospitality experience at our home has done a fantastic job in making sure our first season at The Amex is a roaring success. ". You can choose from four different hospitality options: Premium Enclosure, Platinum Seating, Hospitality Options and The Players Lounge.

Whether youre after a gourmet seasontable or a behind the scenes experience, you can be sure that youre in for an evening to savour at The Amex stadium. It doesnt get much better than this. Starting from just £350 you can secure your place in the heart of the action with a hospitality package to suit every budget. Enjoy a three-course meal, wine on arrival, and meet the stars before watching the match from pitch level.

If you have yet to experience a stadium visit at The Amex, you are missing out. Not only is the food and beverage on offer of an exceptionally high standard, but also the overall package provided makes for a faultless day out. The facilities at The Amex are excellent, with padded seats, excellent views and good legroom on offer for all supporters within the stadium. The concourses behind the scenes are large and welcoming, with numerous stalls offering food and drink options before the match and at half-time.

Stadium Tours & Museum

If you buy your tour tickets from the shop (which are more expensive) you do get a free pass to the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, so I’d go for them over the online tickets. There are pamphlets about different parts of the stadium around the ground where you can read up on each part and find out why something is where it is. At the start of the tour we were taken through the away end and shown all of the amenities there, which was basically just a couple of shops and food outlets but it looked like they were going to be decorating it to try to attract more fans.

The tour starts you off in the boardroom and youre given a brief history of the club, including who founded it (a man called Gardner, the name of the stadium itself) and how Lewes played their matches! From there, you move through into the changing rooms and stand on the hallowed turf. Spurs visited back in 2016 for a friendly and I remember being allowed to get photos taken on that occasion, so you can console yourself that it will be worth your while!.

Their on-site museum, which holds a wonderful collection of memorabilia from the famous clubs history and also features interactive exhibits, is a delight for football fans of any club. It also gives new insight into how Brighton changed themselves from relegated club to Premier League heroes and how they can continue that trend even now that their stadium is much bigger. The stadium tour is brilliant, especially if youre not a regular at The Amex for a Seagulls match, and the staff are all really friendly and really helpful, which in my experience makes them seem more like fans of the club than employees.

About Brighton & Hove Albion

In the period before World War II, the club had some great times which included finishing 3rd and 4th in successive seasons. Brighton also won the Southern League Cup for five years in a row, between 1925–26 and 1929–30. But what was left undone, was the most glamorous achievement after promotion to the First Division in 1936 when they finished rock bottom and were relegated. They remained in Division Two until 1958 when their luck ran dry and they were kicked out in to the Third Division after only one year.

Again, they bounced back up at the first attempt and then on to the Second Division after two short-lived seasons. For three years they remained there but then found themselves once again down among some of football's lesser creatures until they. Today, the club is based at the 30,750-capacity Falmer Stadium having previously been at the Goldstone Ground for almost 60 years. Brighton has competed in a number of competitions, but their greatest success has been in the top tier of English football.

In 1981/82, they gained promotion to what was then known as the First Division and seriously challenged for the title, finishing third. To date, this is their highest finish in the league and also their only appearance amongst the elite. However, they enjoyed several runs in Europe during the Seventies and Eighties and even reached the semi-final of the UEFA Cup in 1983 where they were beaten by Italian giants Juventus. Since then the club has competed in all four divisions of the league, but it was only in 2002 when they were promoted to the Premier League for the first time.

They consistently finished above the active teams like Derby County, Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday, finishing 7th overall. The following year they finished 20th and had to fight with Charlton Athletic for a spot in the Championship play-offs. But they lost to Crystal Palace then Bolton Wanderers which meant they had to get back into the lower divisions again. Season 2017/18 is definitely one to remember for Brighton fans.  They beat Manchester United 2-1 in a memorable game at Old Trafford  to ensure top flight football for another season.

This comes after they have enjoyed from the start of the 2014/15 campaign in the Premier League, when they gained promotion to English football’s top tier as winners of the Championship. They have had an unprecedented rise, having spent almost 20 years in Division One or below prior to their upswing. The only way you can get a tour of the Amex (during the season at least) is by registering in advance on the clubs website.

Falmer Stadium History

The Falmer Stadium has three stands, the newest of which is the East Stand. This can hold around 1500 spectators who are not seated but rather on terracing. The upper tier of this stand holds a further 1500 whilst the lower tier can hold 1900. The West Stand is where you will find the majority of home supporters as this houses around 1560 seats. The South Stand is home to the away supporters and can seat up to 723 visitors.

The idea of constructing a new stadium had been floating around for a while, with the club's previous home Whitehawk Stadium proving too small for the growing crowds. When an application was made to construct a new stadium in nearby Falmer, planing permission was quickly granted and work began on the new ground. The stadium was designed and built by the same firm responsible for building Wembley back in 2007. The stadium has been built on the site of an old chalk pit and originally had an estimated capacity of 12,000.

However, after only four games it was already apparent that this would have to be increased. Following a handful of games played with plastic seats the additional terraced area, which is as close to the playing action as some seat in the main stand, was opened two months after the first game. The new ground replaced Brighton's previous home, the Withdean Stadium, which was situated in a residential area roughly two miles to the south of Falmer.

Future Developments

But where will this lead? Who knows? The truth is, we're probably watching the beginnings of something that will become one of the biggest developments in the south of England. And here's why. It's only a matter of time before The Amex expands to more than just a stadium. This huge area between it and the town centre could accommodate thousands more homes, thousands of new jobs, retail outlets and office blocks - making Gatwick airport an even busier place…and bringing the economy of South London roaring back to life.

There are currently no plans for any major building work, but the club do want to create a 'gateway'between The Amex and the town centre. They want to develop the northern corner of the site up towards Black Lion Lane, which is already occupied by Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company. Plans to develop this area have seen various setbacks such as problems with attracting funding, so it may be a while before any significant progress is made.

Other major developments include a proposed new parking garage at the corner of Leigh Street and Huntington Drive, directly across from the north end of The Amex. The 1,200 space structure is earmarked for "attractive residential and hotel development. There are also plans for a new multi-storey office building to be built just east of the stadium's home end (nearest the railway line). I was told that work has been completed on the pedestrian access to the ground, which has improved considerably.

This is certainly something I will have to investigate as soon as possible. The stadium does rely on transport links at the moment, and so it could be argued that the best opportunities for investment are focused on delivering improvements in that way. There are no current plans to expand The Amex any further. There are plans to continue to develop the region around the ground, though, with hopes that it will become something of a gateway between the area near the stadium and the town centre.

Yet it's also true that the land left behind could be redeveloped for housing, half the stadium itself was dug out for a deck for offices and the club have plans to develop land left over for retail outlets . Opened in 1995, this stadium still stands today as a concert and events venue, but is no longer used for competitive football (although it will stage at least one more match in August 2018; see below).

Where to Buy

1. Bus: Theres a good number of crosstown buses that run in and out of the CBD regularly, stopping at the Broad Street Mall in front of the stadium on their way in and out. Outside CTB stops, connections are easy to find, as youre in walking distance of a major transit hub with several options.   brightonandhovelife.co.uk . One of the chief concerns when the stadium was built was access, so getting in and out is pretty easy and well thought out.

After you park, making your way to The Amex Stadium currently has 4 options: walking, using public transport, ordering a taxi or catching the fan bus. Although getting into the stadium is a piece of cake, figuring out how to get there can be a bit tricky since there are so many options. Youll likely want to take public transportation, walk, or drive, but let me break down the choices for you. If youre looking for how to get to the American Airlines Arena this is a good place to start.

Parking Near Falmer Stadium

At its core, Brighton has a lot to offer those looking for a lively, multicultural city to live in. It may, after all, be considered by many as the ‘London of the South’. But all that glitters isn’t gold and whilst it is a fantastic place to live with so much going on, there are certain flaws that need ironing out. One such thing is how easy it can be to use nearby parking spaces.

As we all know, finding car parking is not an easy task in Brighton and Hove, but actually getting tickets or permits can be just as tricky. Here I aim to give you some helpful tips and tricks on how to get yourself into some free parking slots. We can offer the best parking near Falmer Stadium to explore all the hot spots around the stadium. We have several car parks in Brighton to choose from, giving you variety and excellent service.

Book your car park and head into the city for an afternoon of shopping or use it as a base to explore with your family. The University of Sussex is situated less than 2 miles from the Amex Stadium. Alternatively students can get there by coach (paid for by the club, returning after the game), whilst non-students can head there by train, leaving Brighton Station about 10 minutes walk away from the stadium. The Amex is on University Road in Falmer, so if you are driving there should be no issues at finding the stadium.

If you are looking for parking then it can be tricky but there are some options. The university nearby has both paid and free parking. As well as the excellent park and ride options the club also offers parking at two sites near to the ground. Parking there needs to be pre-booked, so do bear that in mind. You can head to either Sussex Universitys Stanmer Park or Bridge Car Park. The Sussex University car park is just a 10-minute walk from the ground.

It’s £8 per car for day parking at the site during home games. However, if you turn up at least two hours before kick off, your parking will be half price. There are lots of ways to get here, so theres not really a wrong way. The tour starts in the Family Room underneath the North Stand at 1pm. Weve searched high and low (mostly low - yuk) to bring you our pick of pubs and bars near Falmer Stadium suitable for sports fans.

Useful Resources

There are a number of interesting places to visit in Brighton. The Royal Pavilion is a huge palace built for the Prince Regent by John Nash, so youre sure to be impressed. Also worth looking out for is the Royal Pavilion Museum. For something more unusual, make sure to visit the Aquarium which is home to over 70 different species of fish and has a seal pool outside where you can get up close and personal with some friendly seals! And if your children still have some energy left after all of the above, then why not take them for a spin on the nearby Brighton Wheel!.

These days, it seems there are only two types of B&B’s out there: Travelodge and Wotif. com . Luckily we live in a far more interesting world than this. Brighton has a huge amount of accommodation options available for visitors, with a pretty wide range of pricing levels as well. Obviously I cant cover every one, since I have not stayed at all of them (also, please send me some free rooms!), but hopefully this post will give you some good ideas or places to start looking.

Even if you’re not driving, or haven’t got use of a car, you can get around the city quite easily and cheaply. The train station is approximately 2 miles away from the centre of the city, so if you’ve got luggage with you it might be worthwhile getting a taxi instead, at about £9-£11 one way per person. From the train station to the hotel it costs £1. 80 per adult. There are a whole host of things to do in Brighton & Hove, whether its a trip down to the iconic pier and its classic amusement arcade, taking in the antics of tombola or simply enjoying pints of ale on one of the town's many pubs.


The Amex is a beautiful and historic stadium with great facilities and excellent service. Prices range from £749 to £1,999 per person, so youll have plenty of choice when it comes to deciding on your day out. Venue: The Amex Stadium, Falmer, Refreshments: Food and drink is not included in the packages but can be added as an extra if you choose. Seating: You will be guaranteed seats in Block 33 or lower in the West Stand Lower Tier for all games that are over 6,000 capacity.

If there are tickets left for the game there may also be limited disabled seating available at Blocks 30 and 31. Alternatively, you can upgrade to seats in Row M-S. With prices ranging from £44 – £145 per person, this venue has plenty to offer for all budgets. We’ve found it best to package a selection of meals and drinks together to suit the price you are willing to pay. We’ve done our best to keep the packages as flexible as possible so you can choose a few different options if you want.

The website operates on a package basis, so if you do find yourself wanting food from the menu at one of the restaurants and drinks or bowling from the bar, just give the team a call on Brighton and Hove Life (brightonandhovelife.co.uk) and they. Whether it be a business meeting, a client anniversary, a christening or a birthday celebration, youll have choices when it comes to the different packages and spaces that are available. Prices start at £145 per person and go up to £2645…so theres sure to be an event package that will suit your needs as your search for the best conference venue in London continues.

The Amex is home to some of the worlds most prestigious sporting events and has also played host to a vast array of entertainment. Alongside these events, the stadium offers a variety of hospitality packages for ticket holders looking to add a little extra to their game experience. Whether you are a corporate guest looking for an exclusive, high profile business networking experience or a dedicated football fan seeking to experience your team in action in the most impressive surroundings, our hospitality packages on offer at the Amex offer it all.

Private Hire

I feel like I should start by saying that my aunt knows one of the directors at Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. In fact, she also knows one of the stewards. Both these men are about 5 feet tall and are excellent at starting conversations with innocent supporters waiting to enjoy an afternoon at the Amex Stadium. With such a big family network in amongst The Seagulls, I guess you can say that Ive had a love affair with the club since birth (at least until I discovered girls to knock them from pole position in my affections).

The private hire team, headed up by stadium events and catering manager, Chris Stone, comprises of three events members of staff who can tailor any event at the stadium to fit clients mood and budget. Stone can also be found in the main reception of the Amex on matchdays – before kick-off and after full-time – where he assists supporters with seating, ticketing or just about anything else. The largest of the private hire spaces are most likely to be used by groups and organisations.

This is mainly because the 12 meeting rooms available range from 35- to 150-seater capacities. These include less-formal boardrooms designed for smaller réunions, as well as larger spaces containing video conferencing facilities and onsite catering services. I wouldn’t recommend staying in Brighton unless you have to, as it tends to be a bit too expensive. Instead, I would stay in nearby Hove. If you decide to stay in Brighton, here are some of the best places to stay:.

How to getto The Amex

The Amex is the primary sports ground in Brighton and Hove (and Sussex as a whole), hosting almost all of Hove & Surreys games. This, plus the large car-parks surrounding the ground, mean that a lot of fans turn up by car, and the fringes of the citys ringroad become congested on match days. The Amex has 2 entrances to get into the stadium, and paid parking (permit or pay and display) is available outside both these entrances as well as along Lewes road (the main road running through the stadium).

The Amex is a great local for anyone who enjoys going out in Brighton, as its position makes it an ideal venue on nights out in and around town. As well as live music every weekend, The Amex is also the perfect place to grab dinner before heading over to the Brighton Centre or Empire (home to the famous Stereophonics concert that was held in 2009). The restaurant consists of two floors: one with the bar area and another with either a large dining area or quieter booths giving diners more privacy.

The nearest train station to Amex is Falmer- we advise this to our arrivals who are travelling by rail from London because it’s the closest and quickest train, but in fact to reach Amex from any of Brighton’s stations you can simply walk (check out the map) or get a taxi with one of our starters (there will be plenty available).  It takes roughly 15 minutes to walk and usually less with a taxi. To make your journey to The Amex as quick as possible you can catch a coastal train to Brighton, then a southbound train into the city centre and change onto one of Brighton’s many buses that pass by.

If you are staying in central Brighton and want to make your way there you can take one of the main roads that lead from the seafront such as Ditchling Road or Western Road. The Amex is in the north-east of Brighton near the University of Sussex campus at about 4 kilometres from Brightons main rail station, and slightly more from Brightons seafront with its pier. This large country house was built in 1788 for a local fisherman by one of Brighton's most prolific architects of the period, James Chapman.

Eat, drink, and sleep near The Amex

Moon and Stars'is the slogan used for The American Express Community Stadium (Brighton) . It's a fitting name. Brighton have their eyes set on bigger things, and this beautiful arena is the springboard to achieving those dreams. The brick coloured building may not be the most spectacular structure in recent memory but it's sits perfectly in the landscape, seemingly nestled in South Downs National Park. A huge visible structure that has become synonymous with footballing history in a city infamous for producing it.

Brighton ( brightonandhovelife.co.uk is the closest town to The Amex with a plethora of eating and drinking options for everyone. Brighton is certainly not the busiest town in the country but will have something to offer everyone. Many people visit this shoreside seaside resort for large day-night festivals, including one of England's largest music festivals: The Great Escape. ( brightonandhovelife.co.uk . A 20-minute walk from the The Amex is the best bar in England, The Prince Albert .

This is where you should be heading if you’re of age and want a quiet beer (or two) in a relaxed atmosphere with some great service and friendly locals. It’s also - like the Amex itself - one of the few pubs that allow dogs, so don’t be surprised if your septuagenarian drinking partner springs an unexpected Labrador on you. The area is home to few bars and restaurants which can be found on a 10–15 minutes walk from the hostel.

When it comes to food, you can either go for Brazilian, Japanese or Indian cuisine. The cost of a meal at local establishments is more affordable compared to the city center (Brighton). The University of Sussex is a short drive or bus ride away, and probably the best place to taste some good food in this area. A bit further away, we also have Brighton with miles of delicious restaurants, bars and pubs on the beachfront.

Brighton & Hove Albion Tickets

If you purchase in advance, you can take advantage of the reduced price seats that are available at the start of each season. If you're looking to get tickets to a Brighton home match as a gift for someone then why not purchase an Annual Pass which is valid until June 2018? This pass gives you access to all 19 competitive home league games and all  matches in the 2016/17 EFL Cup run. Brighton also sell tickets for friendly matches, and there's always the chance that once they have been confirmed they will be made available as part of a special pre-season package.

/img/uploads/2018/01/brighton-and-hove-albion-stadium. jpg" alt"brighton ALBION stadium seating chart" data-lightbox"image" style"margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: inherit; line-height: inherit;" title"stadium seat layout">Brighton & Hove Albion Tickets. Tickets for Brighton matches can be bought online, by phone +44 (0) 844 327 1901, or at the Ticket Office at The Amex. Tickets for home matches can be bought online using the club's Ticketmaster facility, over the phone, or in person from the Box Office.  You can either pay by credit card when booking, or bring cash to pay on the day of the game.

Stadium tours

We were looking for a fun and different way of spending our wedding anniversary and these tours were just what we expected. The cost is £9. 90 person. You get to see parts of the stadium you would not normally see such as the press boxes, changing rooms, and dugouts. There are lots of available tours which run several times a day during the week. A typical stadium tour starts outside the club shop. Then you descend into the bowels of the stadium to visit the dressing rooms, players'tunnel, press room and boardroom.

When you leave the boardroom, you walk down a tunnel that leads to the dugout at pitchside where you can peer through an open door into the team's changing room. A complete Stadium Tour of the Amex Stadium is £6. 00 per adult and £3. 00 for children aged seven to 12 years old. Under-7s go free. Tours depart from the East Stand reception daily, all year round, including match days. Tours are available by appointment only by calling Brighton and Hove Life (brightonandhovelife.co.uk) before the day of your visit.

Stadium tours.  Brighton organise guided stadium tours that include access to the hospitality lounges, trophy room, directors lounge, changing rooms, press areas, and dugouts. The tours last about 105 minutes.  If you are looking for away tickets please check out my page here: Brighton Tickets . If you are looking for away tickets for any other team please see below. Brighton & Hove Albion Tickets. English Premier League tickets are available to buy online, by phone +44 (0) 844 327 1901 and at the stadium on match days.