Car Parks At Thameslink Stations

Car Parks At Thameslink Stations


Car park season tickets

Do you go to the same train station every week? If so, you could save time and money by buying a car park season ticket. Single tickets to train stations within London cost £4. 50 each way. This can add up if you’re taking the same journey consistently. For example, a weekly season ticket from Waltham Forest to Liverpool Street costs £33, while an annual pass costs £1,592. With this in mind, it may be worthwhile buying a season ticket for your local station(s).

A car park season ticket is a special ticket that covers all stations of the same network, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life ( For example, a season ticket for parking within London costs £178. 40. With this card, you can park in any car park that belongs to the same network when travelling by car within London on a Monday-Friday between 9am and 4pm (except public holidays). If you travel regularly to the same station in the morning, this could be an affordable option for you.

Wait. What? You can save money parking at the same station? Well, it depends on the car park and how many times you would go to that specific station throughout the year. But in general, buying a season ticket could save you lots of money – especially if you regularly use car parks in London for example where season tickets costs quite a lot of money. Car park season tickets allow you to park at the same car park all year round.

It could end up saving you around £250 a year. It’s especially useful if you visit places like Leeds, Cambridge or Liverpool. In these cities where parking is often expensive, a season ticket can cut your parking costs by 90%. Newcastle is one of the first cities in the country to offer season tickets. A car park season ticket is a way of saving money on your car parking at the station. Just pay for a ticket per month and you won’t need to pay again until the monthly cycle has ended.

Parking at train stations can be expensive. Most high street train stations charge at least £12 for a day's parking, and sometimes more for longer stays. You can easily pay £80 or more for a month’s parking at a busy station. Strawberry Fields is a beautiful family run B&B with colourful, seaside décor and with a shared lounge for guests to enjoy together. I can highly recommend this option if you are looking for a nice little gem!.

Park and Go

Park and Go is an easy way to pay for your parking if you are taking the train from Bedford station at Riverside East (R2) in Bedford.  With Park and Go you can park for free at any of the allocated spaces, just show your ticket to the barrier as usual and then board the train for a journey of any length. On your return, get off the train and go back to the barrier where you’ll be able to pay by cash or card at one of the kiosks.

You can also use Park and Go with our mobile app which means you can pay quickly without queuing at a ticket machine. Use it today and benefit from fast, flexible parking that suits you perfectly!. Park and Go allows passengers to pay their train fare after parking at Bedford station. It’s simple – park your vehicle, board the train, and once safely in your seat you can visit a pay station or use our Park and Go mobile site to top up your car parking ticket.

Park and Go is a convenient way to park at Bedford station and pay for your parking at a later date from the convenience of anywhere you have an internet connection. Bedford station is now Park and Go. Using the same ticket you can park at one of our Park and Ride sites, travel on the train and pay later - it’s as simple as that!. It is a twelve minute journey but sure to capture your kids imagination!.

Electric Car Charging at train stations

Electric car charging points are available at Luton Airport Parkway and St Albans stations. They are free to use to all Electric Vehicle Drivers and there is no limit on how long the car can stay connected. If you are visiting Luton Airport, please note the charging point is at the station. Electric car charging points are available at Luton, Luton Airport Parkway and St Albans Stations - perfect for commuters and business visitors to the area.

How to pay for parking at a Thameslink station car park

Appcoa Connect Parking Thameslink stations use a credit based system for their car parking facilities. This means that you can still stay on the car park without being asked to go if time has expired. To obtain more time you have to top up your account using the Appcoa Connect App on your smartphone or by calling Brighton and Hove Life ( . The first time you use Appcoa connect you will need to create an account and set a pin number.

This can be done securely using your mobile phone by scanning the QR code shown on your ticket machine screen and entering the pin number. Parking at a British railway station can be incredibly confusing. You can buy a ticket online but you can’t choose where to park. At some stations you need to use an app, others you need to call them with your mobile phone etc…etc…etc… If you’re headed along the Thameslink train line then this is especially important as parking at certain Thameslink stations can currently only be paid for by downloading the APCOA Connect App or calling Brighton and Hove Life ( from your mobile phone and speaking with an advisor when you park.

When you’re preparing to go out, it can be frustrating when you have to spend time finding your purse or wallet to pay for parking – especially if you are in a rush. The latest addition to the APCOA Connect App, now means it’s easier than ever to pay for parking at one of 15 connected rail stations. This includes Car Park E3 at Farringdon station which is on the Thameslink line – and the only place where you can top up your account in minutes using your phone.

A ticketless parking system has been introduced at many Thameslink operated car parks across the country. This means that when you park, you no longer need a ticket to display in your vehicle as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) will recognise your number plate and reserve the required amount of time. You can pay for your car park when you leave by using the APCOA Connect App or by calling from your mobile phone once you exit the car park.

Parking at one of the Thameslink stations is possible easily when you pay using the APCOA Connect App or by calling Brighton and Hove Life ( from your mobile phone when you park. Here are the details about paying for parking at a Thameslink station. How to pay for parking at a Thameslink station car park. Parking can be paid for by downloading the APCOA Connect App or by calling Brighton and Hove Life ( from your mobile phone when you park.

Pay using the station kiosk

Stop in at a VRT Service station to pay using the station kiosk. Enter your details into the Pay and Go kiosk when you arrive and pay with a card or cash before you leave again. The Pay & Go ticket machine accepts cash and credit/debit cards.  Just follow the on screen prompts to enter your ticket type, destination and pay for your journey. If you arrive at the station and find there are no staff on duty to help you, follow these simple instructions to use our Pay and Go machines.

Pay online

Not every town offers residents the opportunity to pay for on street parking with their mobile phone. With our Mobile Pay Online application and free NextPark mobile parking app you can do this in cus. This free NextPark App is available for Android, iOS (iPhone), Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia and more. For further information please visit . Need to pay for parking online? You can now choose to pay by debit or credit card through your online account.

When you make your booking, just tick the box below the list of car parks that you would like to pay for. Your card details will then be stored under your account for next time so you only need to select the location and sessions you require. If you have an online account for your home address you can book and pay for parking via the Wrexham Council website. This is so convenient - no more fumbling for loose change! When you arrive in Wrexham just enter your reference number and pay using your mobile phone.

If you don't have an online account, please register here. Pay for parking online. Register for an account and you can pay for parking with your mobile phone. Your details will be stored for next time so its even quicker to pay. They make it easy to pay by using your mobile phone. I was able to pay for my parking online and have the amount added to my credit card that I had on file with them.

Pay online.  Register for an online account and you can pay for parking with your mobile phone. Your details will be stored for next time so its even quicker to pay. Once you've arrived at the station, walk up to the kiosk. You can use a card or cash to make your payment. Luton station  — for car park P3. For help on electric vehicle charging go to roadcheq. com. Luton station (platform 6, between the station entrance and the bus parking area).

Where to find Charge and Go points at Thameslink stations

Luton Station: There are 2 Charge and Go points available in the car park at Luton Station. They have been installed on two spaces marked ‘Reserved for Electric Vehicles’ near the station entrance, across from Starbucks. 1. Luton - between the entrance to the station and platforms 16 & 17. 2. Luton Airport Parkway - in the bus shelter at the front of the station. 3. St Albans City - just outside the main entrance from Castle Street.