Brighton With Kids

Brighton With Kids


What to do in Brighton with kids?

It is well worth venturing out of your hotel and to a different part of Brighton if you do not live nearby. There are loads of great cycling routes or walks for families with kids in Brighton. The South Downs Way, which stretches all the way from Eastbourne in East Sussex to Winchester in West Sussex and is an awesome long distance walk is just a short hop over the sea - much easier than venturing to Dorset or Kent (detailed below) for days out if your idea of a great day out is a few hours sightseeing and some fresh air.

But if walking, cycling or even su, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life ( Bathtub toys, buckets and spades, towels on the sand – there’s really nothing that beats the feeling of the soft sand between your toes and a day spent splashing in beautiful sea water.  The beach is a firm family favourite subject to debate when we talk about travel with kids . I suppose its main likability is its infinite appeal; babies will love it just as much as teenagers.

There's an exciting freshness to the beach: something new to discover at every turn or outing. We love the beach in Brighton and we also love Brighton. It's a quirky seaside town, with a mix of hippies, hipsters and hedonists. It's like any family beach holiday should be, relaxing, no schedules and plenty to do. We've been taking our kids here for years now. I'm going to share our top things to do in Brighton with kids so you can enjoy some stress free family time too.

- 10 Dalmatians. Let's take our teddies down to the beach', 'A day at the beach'and the list goes on. I cannot count the number of times we have sung the Grease song to my kids as we were heading to the beach, even if it was just in my car. So here is a list of Brighton beaches and top 5 things to do in Brighton with kids!. If you have been to Brighton beach then you will know that, like many things in Brighton, it’s different to every other beach.

Indoor Activities Brighton

It is a pleasure to present you a list of some very cool indoor activities Brighton has to offer. The city is famous for its beautiful shoreline where you can admire the exciting ocean and beach, the luxurious hotels and great fun of the lively nightlife. Brighton's tourist board called visitbrighton has created a rather large offer of options for your time inside provided that you are visiting the city between February and October, when daytime temperatures don't drop below 10C.

Skywalk is the UKs highest observation deck offering a 360 degree panorama of Brighton and its coastline. Located in South Downs National Park, on top of the South Downs, the spectacular skywalk offers 360º views of the countryside - on a clear day you can see as far as Hastings. The building material for the tower is a steel and glass construction. It was opened in 1997 and is 109 mt tall which makes it the tallest free standing structure in Brighton.

From the top, you can see up to 25 miles away on a clear day. Standing 297ft above the beach town it’s easy to see why this viewing tower is worth a visit. It’s a great place to view Brighton and comes highly recommended by us. There's a bohemian atmosphere beside the stalls and amusement arcades. If you’re looking for things to do in Brighton with kids, this is where you start. A normal train journey between Leicester and Brighton normally takes about 2 hours and 46 minutes.

How To Get To Brighton

To get to Brighton from London, there are various trains running that go into the city center of Brighton and this will be the closest station. Trains will often run from London Bridge, Victoria, Waterloo, Clapham Junction or Gatwick. Tickets can be purchased from the main station sorts in London (usually this is London Victoria). I would recommend purchasing tickets for around £20 - £25 if bought a few days before travelling. I have not been to many places in the UK but this is up there with my best places I have seen.

Brighton has a beach with a pier sticking out of it, while also having great cafes for the afternoon. If you’re traveling between London and Brighton then go down early as it got really busy once the day was heading home. It's been a really long time since I last blogged on the topic of travelling and it is so refreshing to be back! In this blog post I'm going to explore how to get to Brighton with the help of Great Western Railway.

This isn't just limited to Brighton, but it will work for other travel destinations too!. Brighton is a coastal city in Southern England and home to the famous Brighton Pavilion as well as streets full of charming shops, restaurants and cafes. Brighton offers one of the best coastlines in the UK with views across the entirely of the southern coast line all the way out to sea. See below for information about which routes are served.


Why is it in the top 10 places to visit with kids? Well, it was voted number 1 by families on Tripadvisor. Many visitors who have left reviews seem to comment on how clean and safe Brighton beach appears to be. It is extremely easy for children of all ages to spend a long time playing on the sand dunes which also protects them from large waves that would make it dangerous if they were in shallower water.

They can try climbing on the sand castles or burying themselves in the sand. There are really no problems with getting sand everywhere when you are here because everyone seems to be ok with that!. The best beach for kids and family in Brighton is, without doubt, the beach by Madeira Drive. Although this is not within the Brighton city center it is only around a 5 minute drive from there. Compared to the city beaches there are no (or few) waves and very shallow water when you get near to the sea.

There are also no jellyfish!. My husband and I used to take the train from London Waterloo down to Brighton and always stopped off at Worthing on the way. The train station is directly outside of the town, so this is perfect for us. We love taking ice creams to Worthing beach (the 2nd one) on the sunny days, which are not too far between!. There are fabulous beaches all along the south coast, from Bournemouth in Dorset, to Eastbourne in Sussex.

But, if you have not been to Brighton with kids or you live a fair way away and want to make the most of your beach day, I have my fair share of tips and pieces of advice for parents with kids. The beach is top of the list of things to do in Brighton with kids. It is always extra special going to the beach with kids if you do not live the coast or are on a day trip from London.


Brighton Palace Pier is one of the most famous attractions in the city and it is best known for its large colourful luna dome which is reminiscent of ice-cream cones. This famous pier was built in 1899 and became open to the public just two years later. Since then it has been ranked as one of the top things to do in Brighton with kids, so if you are planning a trip with little ones, be sure to take them here.

The pier is on the spacious beach of Brighton sea front. It is overlooked by the imposing West Pier, which was built as an entertainment space and was once the tallest pier in the world. There are plenty of things you can do and see at Brighton Palace Pier that will suit all ages:. The pier is about ⅔ of a mile long and has a ton to do. There are lots of interesting fairground rides as well as other attractions.

Here's my rundown on what to see at the Brighton Palace Pier with kids including the best rides for toddlers, disabled access and thrill seekers!. The Brighton Palace Pier will have you coming back for more fun again and again. There is so much to do, you'll struggle to make your mind up, so I've listed a number of different things you can enjoy on the pier. Brighton's most famed landmark is also one of the best things to do in Brighton with kids.

The pier is packed full of fun things to do and see for all ages of the family, whether you have a toddler or a teenager. It certainly feels like a tonic and kids absolutely love the beach!. Beach is also one of the top things to do in Brighton that is free. The beach is a top free thing to do in Brighton and East Sussex if you are visiting or planning a day trip from London .

Brighton Zip Line

Wearing thick, hooded waterproof jackets, you are carried by a pulley up to one of the tallest locations along the zip line route. Next, you’ll be given your safety goggles and helmet before being gently pushed out over the sea and the glorious Brighton coastline. Then it’s your turn to fly! As you glide down the wire, you feel the wind in your hair. The tingling sensation as you plummet towards the sea is an exhilarating experience!.

I have to confess, I’m terrified of heights. If you’re scared of heights like me, then zip lining is probably the last thing you think of doing when visiting a seaside town. But having been zip-lining in Brighton in February I can now say that it has been my favourite part of every visit to the seaside town!. The Adventure Garden provides a unique activity for guests of all ages where they can experience Brighton s famous cliff top walks from above.

Also on offer are the city s most exhilarating rides, including Europe s only 120m New Ride Super Loop, the Speed Spin!. The attraction is based close to Brighton Pier so why not take your ride first thing in the morning and start your day off with a big adrenaline rush. For those of you who want to wind down for the day we also offer a large free car-park onsite. The views from the top are stunning and on a sunny day you have the opportunity to take some stunning photographs.

Upside Down House

This is an upside down house, but it’s not for sale! For those of us who like a bit of interesting and unusual architecture this is a must visit. This wasn’t easy to build and had to be carefully planned, to give it the support needed. I love my sister in law Linda’s description “It looks like someone stuck their head up their bum” if you’re going to have one why not. If you walk along the promenade at Brighton from the Marina there are some fabulous looking houses, this one is almost opposite the Seven Star Inn Brighton.

Tucked away off of the promenade is an upside down house! Brighton with kids can be rather expensive with all of the activities to do so finding free things for kids is important. This upside down house was a great alternative and we all loved it. Being a Brit I thought I would know a bit about England, but have to admit I had no idea this existed until we stumbled across it while in Brighton.

I’m an enthusiastic photographer, although I am a big fan of my ‘point and shoot’ camera. But, my main passion is the delights of Briceland with its sea side fish n chip shops (with real battered spuds), market stalls etc. Brighton and Hove is a Mecca for all things food related – and I was delighted to come across the Upside Down House. Upside Down House UK is a weird place to hold your birthday party but it would make an unusual birthday present or day out.

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is a very interesting building. Brighton residents, and others come here in their droves, and rightly so. The Royal Pavilion was built between 1811-23 as a seaside pleasure palace for his majesty King George the Fourth. He was a man who liked to live in comfort, so it’s no surprise that the interior has lavish furnishings and an eclectic range of art works from his own private collection to enjoy. The Royal Pavilion is a vibrant building which stands proud in its gardens.

This palace is unique because it was built by an English monarch expressing his personal pleasure, rather than one of political importance as with many other buildings. This unique building has been used for many different purposes, originally build as seaside residence for. The Royal Pavilion is an unusual and distinctive building, set in the famous gardens. The spectacular Indo-Saracenic building is a mixture of Indian and Islamic styles that reflect the diverse range of interests of King George IV (1762-1830) and Brighton as a fashionable spa resort.

It was built to entertain a monarch who was determined to put his stamp on Brighton as the Regency town he intended it to be. The Royal Pavilion is located on the seaside in Brighton, in the United Kingdom. It sits in a fine garden on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. The area around Brighton is worth visiting, with loads of activities for families. This is a fantastic attraction for all the family, with something to please everyone.

What's not to love about the Royal Pavilion? There is its colourful history; its exotic, out of this world splendour, with a blend of Indian and Chinese design that makes you feel quite giddy at the thought of the King and his courtiers occupied the building. The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is one of the most eye-catching buildings in the country, an exotic palace built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV. It is included in Brighton tourist attractions.

Volks Electric Railway Line

There is so much to see and do in Brighton which is why it has been voted one of the best places to visit in 2014. I could write about all these attractions, I could tell you to check out the Aquarium on the sea front, or go on a boat trip, or play on the beach. But what if you only have a few hours to try and fit as much in as possible? Well here are some ideas for things you can do that even the most energetic kids will love, and hopefully will take their mind of having to sit in the car for two hours yesterday.

I have got three children aged 4, 7 and 8 years old. We often take day trips to Brighton just over an hour away by train. This is mainly for the beach but we recently found out about this gorgeous vintage railway line that goes from Brighton Station on to Black Rock which is a little further down the coast. It was opened in 1883 which makes it the world’s oldest electric operating train line.

The line opened on 30th March, 1883 and runs for 12 minutes travelling from the palace Pier Station to Black Rock. It is a very long straight line with little opportunity to show off any speed but multiple opportunities to stop and check out the beach, parks and seafront. The Volks Railway is an electric railway and a popular tourist attraction in Brighton, East Sussex, England. The railway runs from Brighton city centre to the western suburb of Black Rock.

i360 Degree View From a Height

I was in Brighton on business this week and I thought I'd visit the i360, a viewing tower offering 360 degree views of the city as well as up to 50 miles to the south of Brighton. The tower is 109 metres tall and has a free viewing gallery and also an elevator which gives access to three levels of restaurants, bars, and tourist facilities around the glass elevator cabins. The view from the top is spectacular - on a clear day you can see up to 50 miles out to sea while the top floor Sky Bar is perfectly positioned to offer fabulous views north over Brighton & Hove, Worthing & Shoreham.

As you can see from the photos above, there are nearly unrestricted views in all directions. This tower was opened in June of 2008 and became the countries highest observation tower as it stands at a height of 170. 6 meters. The tower features a 360 degree viewing gallery complete with cocktails and is considered one of the most visited tourist attractions of Brighton. Continue reading to find out more about this tower and to see what else Brighton has to offer.

Earlier this month I visited the observation tower in Brighton, UK. The outlook tower is built as a platform high above the city on the summit of a hillock. It was originally built for TV transmitting in 1974 but has been run by British Air Way’s since 2006. One hundred and forty three meters above Brighton seafront - the height of a 30 storey skyscraper - the i360 is set to become one of Britain’s most iconic towers.

A British Airways i360 viewing tower is set to open in Brighton on Tuesday and, although not the tallest, it will be the best spot to see the city from a height. With the assistance of a nice little app called 360-photo-viewer you can view the entire Brighton/Worthing area from as high as 126 metres in altitude. It is named after its creator, German-born travel writer Thomas Cook. Volks Electric Railway Line. This is the worlds oldest electric operating train line.

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

The museum is split into three main areas. This is the Egyptian Gallery, containing ancient Egyptian artefacts. These are mainly pottery vessels which date from the New Kingdom style of art & culture (1550 -1069BC) A visit to this part of the museum is free and there’s a collection of 50 items on display. These objects have been donated by Brighton’s citizens, over the last 100 years. There is an audio guide available for £3.

The museum provides a classic learning experience, and a vibrant centre for cultural enrichment. I have regularly visited this place as a child and was fascinated by the history of the town, the ancient Egyptology and the walk through of Brighton's Golden Age. Even though I know these pieces of art are not original, it still has the power to amaze you about how some items were made if you're not too familiar with history.

The museum is particularly interesting as it's slightly more interactive than others I've been to. There is very little text information about the exhibits so you are encouraged to touch everything and read the information panels. There are a number of sections including one that talks about how this part of town became a popular tourist destination, the history of Brighton itself and it's life in war. The route is from Palace Pier to Black Rock Station near Brighton Marina.

The Whitehouse Hotel

The White House Hotel is a very welcoming and friendly style B&B. We have previously stayed here and noted that the hotel is very well looked after. The rooms are a good size with everything you would expect of a hotel room. They offer great deals on family rooms such as the Queens suite which has double beds in each room as well as a king size bed in the lounge, this room sleeps up to 6 people which is ideal for an affordable weekend away with your family.

It is only a few minutes from the seafront and centre and is uniquely decorated. The White House Hotel is one of the hidden gem in the city of Southend. It’s located in a quiet area within short walking distance from town and seafront. The hosts Steve and Alex are so friendly and very helpful. I chose a family room for 2 adults and 2 children. The rooms are well priced, clean and have all you need for a pleasant stay.

Strawberry Fields B&B

Strawberry Fields Bed and Breakfast is run by Richard and Frances who are both originally from the UK but have lived and travelled in Australia, Argentina and Europe which means they can provide you with lots of information and tips on what to do in Brighton. With this combined knowledge of different countries they have been able to provide their B&B with a taste of all over the world. Our family home is a welcoming, vibrant and friendly home.

We have made every effort to provide an affordable, family friendly bed & breakfast (no smoking or pets) with beautiful views of the seafront and Brighton Pier. It is a few minutes walk from the Pier and Brighton Centre and sits in one of the prettiest parts of Brighton, Ditchling Road. Do you want a holiday with a view? A cosy comfortable, affordable and private bed and breakfast with sea views (and a garden for children to play in).

 Do you want your home to be in the centre of the popular seaside resort of Brighton? Hidden away on a quiet urban street, yet only 100 ft from the sea with double glazing and central heating. Strawberry Fields B&B is a stylish and vibrant guest house only a few minutes’ walk from Brighton Pier and Brighton Centre. All of our rooms are warm, homely and inviting with beautiful views of the seafront. We provide vegetarian, free range breakfasts, great local knowledge, friendly hosts and internet access.

Avalon Escape

There’s a very fine line in the world that separates corporate responsibility and a healthy corporate ego. Sometimes, it seems that one company or another is constantly patting itself on the back for doing exactly what you expect them to do – under the guise of “sustainability”. It was announced yesterday that London-based Avalon Escape plans to build an 82-room resort on Olon Island, in Vanuatu. A far cry from the kind of lodgings we typically see in this series of articles, but there is one interesting thing that makes this project particularly noteworthy:.

I contacted them to book, the missus replied within an hour and confirmed it all. The apartment numbers are on main building and there is a sign on the lawn (which you can't miss). Avalon Escape is private, self-catering apartment, which understandably some people prefer, especially with little ones. Located just a stones throw from the beach, it offers a comfortable stay. The owners, Denni & Ivonne have decorated this lovely unit with nice touch of Scandinavian design and has all the modern facilities you would need.

". At Avalon Escape you can do as much or as little as you wish, just a short stroll from the apartment will bring you to one of three white sand beaches. For those who prefer the pool, we have a heated swimming pool available. Avalon Escape is located on the outskirts of Ballito, which makes it convenient for guests to get around and not worry about navigating through traffic. There are three private double bedrooms, one of which has an en-suite shower and toilet.

Each bedroom has its own balcony and sea views. The lounge/dining area is open plan to the fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, with a doorway opening out onto the garden and terrace as well as an awning sheltering it from the sun. All types of relaxation are provided for at this apartment. For example, if you're not one for the beach then you can enjoy a quiet coastal walk along Jenevers Hill where the beauty of this peaceful location will take your breath away.