Brighton To Eastbourne

Brighton To Eastbourne


What companies run services between Brighton, England and Eastbourne, England?

There is no direct connection from Brighton to Eastbourne. However, you can take the train to Brighton then take the drive to Eastbourne. Alternatively, Southern operates a train from Brighton to Eastbourne hourly. Tickets cost 8-21 and the journey takes 41 min. British Airways has flights from Brighton to Eastbourne every 2 hours. Alternatively, National Express operates a bus from Brighton to Eastbourne hourly. Tickets cost 5-90 and the journey takes 1 h 20 min.

Travelling to the UK: What do I need to know?

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From navigating the Tube to exploring by ferry, Rome2rios UK travel guides give you the lowdown on this tourist hot spot. 2 other operators also service this route. It takes approximately 41 min to travel from Brighton to Eastbourne by train. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs 8-21 and takes 41 min. UK Bus operates a bus from Brighton to Eastbourne 6 times a day. Tickets cost 11-20 and the journey takes 1 h 2 min.

Brighton to Eastbourne timetable

The table below displays the next trains departing from Brighton to Eastbourne. The first table is for today, then there is a scrollbar for tomorrow and a scrollbar to last Friday, i. e. July 20th 2019. There are also buttons at the top of each column to take you to different dates/screens. The above train timetable is for the South Coast Railway Line operated by South Eastern. These trains depart from Brighton towards Eastbourne.

Full timetable information can be found on the South Coast Railway website. Check out the next trains departing from Brighton to Eastbourne for Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021. For the full train timetable, or to search for a later time or date, click here. Bombay Stock Exchange Nifty Future. Check out the next Nifty Future Call prices, updated after trading hours ended today. The next expiry is on Friday 26th Feb 2019 . The table below shows the next departures for the next month from Brighton to Eastbourne.

Distance from Brighton to Eastbourne

How far is it between Brighton and Eastbourne ? The distance from Brighton to Eastbourne is 31 KM / 19 miles. How far is it from Brighton to Eastbourne?  It is situated 30 kilometers east of Brighton. How far is Brighton from Eastbourne? Distance between Brighton and Eastbourne is 31 kms. A route taken by road that is the fastest, or at least a more conservative estimation of distance traveled with fewer miscues. A GPS will look for the best route.

How far is it between Brighton and Eastbourne

It would be via automobile, the driving distance between Brighton and Eastbourne is 31 km. In order to go from Brighton to Eastbourne, we need to calculate the flight distance and the driving distance. The flying distance can be found by adding the mileage (19 miles) and air travel (17 miles). The driving distance can be found by converting from miles to km using the conversion factor 0. 621371. How far is it between Brighton and Eastbourne.

   Brighton is located in United Kingdom with (50. 8284,-0. 1395) coordinates and Eastbourne is located in United Kingdom with (50. 7687,0. 2845) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Brighton to Eastbourne is equal to 19 miles which is equal to 31 km. The flight distance between the nearest airports Brighton (BHR) and Eastbourne (EBN) is 19 km. This corresponds to an approximate flight time of 21 minutes. The time difference between Brighton and Eastbourne is 1 hour.

Distance from Eastbourne to Brighton

Distance between Eastbourne [United Kingdom] and Brighton [United Kingdom] is 31 km (19 miles), taking approximately 31 minutes. You are invited to the google maps distance between Brighton and Eastbourne. You can also find out the road distance between Brighton and Eastbourne, bus, flight and train options. It may be quicker than the way you know it. BT operates a train from Brighton to Eastbourne hourly. Tickets cost 10-19 and the journey takes 41 min.

How far is it between Eastbourne and Brighton

It is a very interesting question. I have found the answer to this question on all the sites which claim that distance between Eastbourne and Brighton is 56 miles or 90. 4 km. But I was not satisfied with their calculations until now. So until today when I decided to measure the distance between these cities without any consideration. I used OziExplorer V8i for that purpose and created a route between Eastbourne and Brighton whether it is possible or not.

Wondering, if you flew a jet airplane from Eastbourne to Brighton how far would you get before crashing into the ground. This channel does air traffic control simulations to answer questions like this. We use flight sim X with the real world weather data of the area in which the airport lies in. Check this video if you are interested in seeing more of our work or have any questions related to this one. In order to do that, I looked at the distance between two capital cities – Eastbourne and Brighton from my home in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Within an hour of research, I had a rough estimate for the distance between the two locations. But I thought it would be interesting to deviate from London, and map the difference between all major cities within UK. How far is it between Eastbourne and Brighton.  Eastbourne is located in United Kingdom with (50. 7, -0. 3) coordinates and Brighton is located in  United Kingdom with (-0. 6, 50. 8) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Eastbourne to Brighton is equal to 19 km which is equal to 11 miles.

Travel together

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