Brighton Pride Postponed Information For Ticket Holders

Brighton Pride Postponed Information For Ticket Holders


1. Retain your ticket for a rescheduled event at this years price

This is an exceptionally difficult decision we have been forced to make. All events are subject to cancellation if there are adverse conditions within the area/venue where the event is due to take place. This seasons turn out has been excellent with every venue at capacity. But we have a situation on our hands that is bigger than just Pride's bank balance (although there is no denying this hurts us monetarily). We have already seen the financial implications of the fire in Edinburgh and resulting power cut which severely affected a number of festivals including T in the Park and, although still rescheduled, includes one of Glasgow’s biggest events in TRNSMT, which saw a 50% drop in ticket sales after the power cuts! As many people will know it.

3. Gift your ticket to a friend or family

In some cases, when you want to give a gift it’s nice to get an actual gift (nothing virtual) - like an engraved wine glasses or something, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life ( Similarly in the case of this concert, some people might even want the ticket framed! In fact before you use Eventgift. com, t he world's largest marketplace for event tickets, make sure that there are no other websites with offers that are exactly what your heart desires. Further if you're hosting a corporate meeting in order to drive employees throughout a chain of events or to various city locations like Sydney or Melbourne for instance, then Eventgift is the perfect way to get acquainted with them (and maybe win over any of those hard-to-please clients).

Can't attend? Make someone else happy. Your spot is now available for someone else. Whoever will be coming in your place can use the tickets of your order and you will receive the money from that booking instead of the original ticket price. - Valid for one gift only. No refunds once the tickets have been gifted. - Refunds will only be granted to the original purchaser of tickets, if an order is canceled (example: a ticket has not been mailed to the new lead booker).