Brighton Marathon

Brighton Marathon


Accommodation Near The Start Line

The start area at Ironman Cairns is directly adjacent to the university and a mere 5 minutes walk from Race Village, yet close to a beautiful beach for your pre race swim. All the accommodation options are along the Esplanade so convenient for getting to Race Village  for registration and the race briefing, as well as Race Day itself. Youll be treated to plenty of live coverage on TV screens in the room with breakfast included at many hotels.

A wholesome night’s sleep is essential to achieve your optimal ­performance on race day, more about plumbing with Brighton and Hove Life ( If you are staying in Auckland we recommend the QT Hotel- Viaduct. This central location will give you easy access to this mornings shuttle bus which will take you and your bike to the start line, all of which are conveniently within walking distance of one another. Theres no better way to start your race than with a good nights sleep in preparation for race day.

Below is a collection of accommodation options around The Great Wall Marathon that are less than 10 minutes away from the venue. Ideally you should aim to arrive in Bath a few days before your event date, but if youre coming from further afield and this isnt possible, check out our list of recommended hotels located near the start line. Weve collected the best accommodation options near the venue which you can view and book using the map below (no added price premium by Racecheck).

Review Highlights

There are several events on the Brighton, England calendar but perhaps none more popular with athletes than the marathon. The Wallasey Bridge Run also draws a block of runners from afar and has become a popular accompaniment to the Brighton marathon as has the 10k. You have to enjoy the seaside views to be at home in Brighton. The online registration process was smooth and the race organization provided useful updates to participants. The marathon course itself was spectacular, windy at times but with ample spectator support on a mostly flat course.

When is the 2021 Brighton Marathon?

The Brighton Marathon is one of the most exciting events for runners in Britain today. And if you’ve never been to Brighton before, this won’t be any ordinary Sunday run either. It’s this unique combination of all these factors paired with the marathon will make your time spent in your running shoes in April 2021, unforgettable. The Brighton Marathon is a must-do for every marathon runner's tick-list. This flat, fast and picturesque course attracts hundreds of runners each year who are keen to test their ability against one of the fastest courses in the world.

The course takes you into the heart of Brighton before concluding near Brighton pier. The Brighton Marathon is a challenging and exciting annual event that takes place in Brighton and Hove. From its humble beginnings in 1992, the marathon has grown exponentially over the years reaching an estimated 40,000 participants in 2018. The next Brighton Marathon will be held on Sunday 18 April 2021, although the date is changeable if the stadium is booked for another event.

The 2021 Brighton marathon will be the 40th edition of the popular spring race and will be held on Sunday 18 April 2021. The. When is the 2021 Brighton Marathon? The 2021 Brighton Marathon will take place on Sunday 18 April 2021. SportIdentification has collected data from athletes such as yourself to find out which aspects of the Brighton Marathon are very well received, and which areas can be improved. This marathon is beautiful.

When does the entry open for the 2021 Brighton Marathon?

The Brighton Marathon is one of the UK’s most popular marathons, and the date for next years race has been revealed. Originally run in 1974 as the Brighton Standard Marathon, the race has grown in popularity over the years and now it can sell out quickly. When does entry open for next years race? 2019 Entry opened at 8am on Thursday 18 October 2018. It was NOT possible to enter online after that time. Entry opened at 8am (Midday) through agents and expos around Brighton on Friday 19 October 2018 .

You must have entered this way if you did not already have a place (entered through the ballot or charity entries). If you did not receive a letter confirming your registration before you entered, you were not. Here we are just over a month later and we can finally confirm that the entry for the 2019 Brighton Marathon is now online. The first 5,000 entries were limited to runners who had run two other marathons in the past twelve months.

This was an attempt to limit possible backups for Brighton as they had experienced in previous years where the marathon sold out quickly. The 2021 Brighton Marathon will be the 30th annual marathon in the English city. The first was held in 1987, and has been growing year-on-year ever since. The course starts and finishes on Brighton seafront in front of the Palace Pier. Runners follow the coast path passing through iconic locations such as Kemptown and Madeira Drive.

600 people will be taking on the Brighton Marathon next year, but unless you get your entry in early you won’t be one of them. Entry for the race opens at 8am tomorrow, but with races cancelled across the spring series of 2018, demand is expected to be high when it comes to Brighton's 26. 2 mile challenge. In the past, there were a number of spring marathons in the UK that gave runners more options.

However, with a lack of options this year in our wintery conditions, organizers are expecting large numbers of runners who have been waiting for warmer weather to enter the Brighton Marathon. The entry for next years race opens at 8am on Saturday 9 May. Organisers are expecting entries to sell out quickly, potentially due to the lack of spring marathons this year. I would love to live in Brighton (on the cheap) and just run for fun.

How much does it cost?

You will be sent an email advising on event details closer to the date. Anyone who registers early will be able to take advantage of a special discount code that can be used in the lead up to the race weekend in order to receive discounted accommodation at the official race hotel. 65 for the festival which will consist of unlimited samples and tickets to the awards. Early Bird price was  £45, with a one off payment of £40.

When will I need to start training for the Brighton Marathon?

The Brighton Marathon typically takes place on the last Sunday of April, but the exact date will be confirmed closer to the time. You should start training for the marathon in the last week of December 2020 and continue for 16 weeks in order to be ready. In order to achieve a successful result you will need to build up distance before taking part in your first training run, which will consist of around 6-7miles.

After a few months you should be able to build up to 10 miles, followed by half marathons. Once you start training it is important that you dont miss too many sessions as it could have an impact on your performance. How on earth will it be possible to train for a marathon by the end of December? That’s a great question, one that I was thinking about myself at the beginning of my training.

 With the shortest marathon training plan being 16 weeks long you could be forgiven if you thought it would be impossible to build your fitness up to running a marathon in 3 months time. However, there's good news - with these 2 fast and easy marathon training plans that are suitable for anyone looking to run a sub 3 hour marathon for their first marathon. When will I need to start training for the 2021 Brighton Marathon? .

. The week starting 28th of December 2019 is the last week you can sign up for the 2021 Brighton Marathon. The following weeks are likely to be fully booked, so if you want to take part in the marathon in 2021, youll need to start your preparation as soon as possible. The Brighton Marathon 2021 will be held on Sunday 10th January 2021, with the half marathon taking place on Saturday 9th January.  Its an earlier start date than previous years, but this means its likely to be over and done with before the summer/heatwave season, which happened to kick in a week into this years marathon!.

How do I get to the start line?

The Brighton Marathon is a flat, fast and scenic marathon with the seafront as part of it’s course. It’s one of my favourite events and I’m excited to be running it for the 2nd time. This year I have set myself a goal to beat my first marathon time by at least 10 minutes. I have a bit of work to do, but luckily there is only one way to get faster and that is by running more miles!.

You’ll need to be there at seven o’clock on the Sunday morning in order to register, have a warm up and collect your race number. I suggest parking at Preston Park and walking over to Madeira Drive. This should take around ten minutes. The route we have outlined is an approximation so allow yourself plenty of time for traffic lights etc. I blinked, and there was a month gone. One month to the day since I dipped my toes out of the pool, and nipped over to The Brighton Marathon Stand in the 2 weeks before Brighton marathon.

I’ve had an amazing experience since I started this running malarkey 7 1/2 weeks ago, but most importantly – I’ve got to know myself a little better!. The Brighton Marathon starts in Preston Park and finishes on Madeira Drive. I have trained for several months to get to the start line and am ready to run. So how do I get there? [2017 Note: The Brighton Marathon has a new finish line which is over 1km away from Madeira Drive].

I run with my father in law and he asked me a simple question. How do I get to the start line? I emailed Brighton marathon and they gave me this answer. This was the question everyone wanted to know. How do I get to the start line? Where is it? What time do I need to be there?. The Brighton marathon is on the 7th of January, and starts and finishes in Preston Park.

Can I wear headphones?

Yeah, you can wear headphones in the marathons. For safety reasons, as the marathon is a long run and you should listen to music it is more helpful for you than others. Though, there are some risks involved in wearing the headphones for example first of all if there is traffic it will be difficult for you to hear that and lead to accidents but on the other side if it's windy weather then it is also not advisable to wear that headphone as you might lose balance and fall down from your running track.

So, at one hand it will be risky for you too if you don't follow some instruction but on the other hand it would be helpful too. You’ve decided to run a marathon. Congratulations! The next question is simple, but a lot of runners don’t know the answer: Can I wear headphones? Yeah, it seems like a simple question, but there’s actually a lot that goes into answering this one. When you learn more about the pros and cons of wearing headphones while running a marathon, you can make your own decision.

This simple article will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about headphones. There are many articles talking about the safety and benefits of using running headphones. But whether you're a beginner or an experienced marathon runner, I'm sure these articles will tell you to go running with these devices. However, the Brighton Marathon have released a statement (as of February 2018) on their website which states that even though they won't stop you from wearing them, they recommend you don't wear them because it is not safe.

Can I wear headphones during a marathon? Its a divisive topic that seems to culminate each year as the date of the London Marathon draws nearer. Some believe it will give an advantage and help to overcome tiredness, while others believe that it should be banned, due to safety concerns. According to the Brighton Marathon organisers, “you can wear them, although we don’t recommend it for safety reasons”. The full marathon is 26. 2 miles, so if youve completed the London marathons 13.

What will the weather be like?

I know folks in the northeast are still digging out and the Manchester Marathon is just round the corner, but for a lot of us, Brighton Marathon has been in our minds for months. Sadly it was snowing on Sunday 3rd February 2019 and had to be cancelled. We will advise of any change to the start time, date or location of either marathon well in advance. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding, as this is unprecedented in our 39 years of event management.

Whether or not it's feasible or desirable to move the marathon on a yearly basis remains to be seen, but at the moment all that is known is that there will be no Brighton Marathon in 2020. What’s the earliest marathon you can run in Brighton and have it be counted as a new PB? I presume October is out (if not already) as that is a fixed date. 1 miles distance then you should finish the Brighton one (if youre fit enough).

How do I get my race number?

For The Brighton Half 2018, it has been really important to us that we make the race as easy as possible for runners. To make your race experience smoother than ever, we have done away with the race pack collection in favour of an online process. This year, you will be able to collect your race number and goodie bag online and even print off your own participant shirt at home, all from the comfort of your own home.

This is a really big change for us here at Brighton Marathon Events so we hope you love this new service. How do I get my race number?.   All runners will receive their race pack and race number at the  Event Village  on Saturday 9th March 2019 between 11am and 1pm. The postcode for the Event Village is . To have your number ready for collection, please make sure you enter your name as it appears on your photo ID correctly in your Vitality Dashboard – we wouldn't want any of our runners to miss out!.

If you want your own personalised race number or you would like to collect a group of friends’ numbers at the same time, we have kept the process as simple as possible for runners. You can print off a registration confirmation from our online event entry system and bring it down to the Brighton Marathon event village on the day, swap it for your / your friends’ number(s) and enjoy the run!. However, we have been working very hard on providing a more streamlined, fast and efficient race morning experience.

With this in mind, we are happy to announce that you will now be able to collect your race pack at Speedy Gonzales, which is located just off Brighton Beach. The storage facilities at the Event Village are incredibly limited this year, so we’re encouraging runners to collect their race packs before arriving at the event. To get your hands on your pack you’ll need to do the following:. However, if you are running a Brighton Marathon this May, you are in for a  pleasant surprise.

Buy online during lockdown

Like sports? Like shooting a gun? Then this is the event for you. The UK's only annual airsoft experience is back and bigger than before. This lockout experience is for groups of 4+ and over 18s. On Tuesday you will be given a headset with voice cancelling microphone, a face mask, Molle plate carrier and a Bergen rucksack. These pieces of kit are real they are just empty and you will have to pack them with any equipment you want for your mission.

Once the locker room is in lockdown from 5pm (you can arrive at 4:40pm as long as there are no missions running) at The Clubhouse you can take part in missions such as clearing rooms, defending your location and patrolling the. Ever heard of lockdown? No, it does not refer to the time when police suspects are caught. Rather, it refers to the time when you can buy the tickets online for a concert or rugby game which is being organized by the organisers in just a while.

We call these tickets live tickets as they are now available for purchase (through a link sent to your email). The date on which this link can be accessed is called lockdown. During a lockdown it is standard procedure to place the security of the factory at the top of our agenda. To ensure this we have a confidential online ordering process with security checks. Please complete the form below and Altonsports will get in contact to take you through this process.

The online store for Altonsports will be unavailable from 19:30pm on Thursday 12th November. This is due to an essential database upgrade which requires this to take place during a period where both new and renewal orders can’t be taken. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Now we have free entry on the day should you not wish to pay by card or Paypal. C. player transfers, contract renewals, contract terminations, loan agreements and new arrivals.

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The Brighton Marathon , also known as the Brighton & Hove Half-Marathon is a race run 13. 1 miles through the city of Brighton, East Sussex, UK (the longest of its kind) and happens every September. Runners take part in this event for many reasons – for some it’s their annual fitness routine together with a well earned break from routine; others simply want to train themselves that little bit harder or push themselves to reach their goal weight loss goals.

Larnaka International Marathon

On Sunday, 7th of May, thousands of runners from all over the world will gather in Larnaca to participate in one of the biggest events of the year: the Larnaka International Marathon 2017. Eight races will be held on a single day: full, half and 10k races for women and men, and 5k and 1k for children. Every runner will see a lot of friendly faces as they celebrate their achievement at the finish line accompanied by their enthusiastic supporters.

From this year onwards, there is a new addition on our marathon calendar: The 3 Peaks Challenge, which has been added with a total distance of 90km. More details . On Sunday, 16th of April 2015, a mass of determined runners will line-up for Larnaka International Marathon. In the 5th edition, Larnaka Marathon is set to the biggest running event in Cyprus. This year, the marathon will see a major rise in international participation, featuring people from more than 20 countries all over the World.

The runnable territory will cover a scenic coastal route starting from Larnakas’s beautiful coastline and leading up towards a unique finish line at the very top of Akamas peninsula. Larnaka International Marathon is an event which has been organized for 5 years now but it's the first time it is taking place in Larnaca. It's a brand new, exciting course with a strong festive mood! The city of Larnaca becomes the centre of attention for more than 16 thousand enthusiastic athletes and active people who come not only from Cyprus but all over the world, to participate in various races.

Since 1971, the Larnaka International Marathon is one of the most popular international sports events taking place in Cyprus . Over the past 40 years it has become a symbol of peace and international friendship. The most prominent marathon in Cyprus since 1971 has been organized with great determination, initiative and vision. I did the Brighton Marathon today. Post-race, I was looking at my time and wondering if I could improve on it in future.

Trail Pursuit Marathon

The Trail Pursuit Marathon is a 50 mile distance race from the North to the South of the Lake District. This event follows the Cumbria Way, which is an exhilarating route on its own, and is one of England’s best known long-distance trails. You will experience the stunning valleys and lush green hills of this country park. The weather here can change very rapidly, so you will find yourself tackling different climate conditions throughout the year.

Drizzle, wind and sunshine are just some of the obstacles you may have to overcome during this adventure!. The Lake District is one of Britain's best loved national parks. Its famous fells, valleys, hills and lakes provide the backdrop for the Trail Pursuit marathon in Cumbria - a fast and exciting trail run that features 5, 8 or 10k distances in 2019. Windermere is the largest natural lake in England and the Lake District provides the epic backdrop for this trail running adventure.

The Trail Pursuit event is broken down into two distances, 32km & 16km. Both have their own set of challenges. The Lake District provides the epic backdrop for this Trail Pursuit Marathon. The course is made up of three legs, which can be completed individually or as an Ultra-marathon (131 miles). Each leg is run on existing footpath trails including:. The Lake District is one of the largest natural areas in England and provides a stunning location for one of the Trail Pursuit Marathon events.

Chianti Trail Ultra 2021

Since 2012, I have been running the Chianti Trail Ultra Marathon, a 73k trail run in Tuscany, Italy that allows runners to discover the beautiful countryside and get a glimpse of Tuscany’s history. So far I have completed the Chianti 8 times (2018 was my last race). This ultra marathon is held every September and has become one of the biggest races in Europe. Chianti Ultra is a 73 kilometer trail run in the Florence province, Italy.

The course traverses canyons and large rolling hills before descending into the valley where Chianti is made. The trail takes you through an area rich in history, art, wine and food. Runners of all skill levels will enjoy this party at 1350 meters above sea level. The Chianti Trail Ultra 2021 will be run on May 25th, 2021. The 73k route will start and finish in the medieval city of Greve in Chianti. The race offers a mix of canyon running and traditional road racing with 6,000 feet of elevation gain over mostly dirt and stone paths.

I’m excited to tell you about the Chianti Trail Ultra 2021. This is a 73km trail race in the hills north of Florence, Italy filled with tough climbs and glorious viewpoints. It starts and finishes in the beautiful historical town of Greve in Chianti. If you enjoy trail running, what’s not to love about this race. The Chianti Trail Ultra is a 73 km run which takes place in the Arboreto Forest in Chianti, Tuscany region of Italy.

In 2021 take the Chianti Trail Ultra and travel back in time to discover the history of the this region while running on one of Italy's famous wine trails. I have been running since I was 15, and this will be my sixth Trail Pursuit event. Thought I'd post 16 replies to The Brighton Marathon 2018 on this site so people could answer for themselves. Look forward to seeing what people think or any other answers to improve on 18:49:33.

Brixen Dolomiten Marathon

The Brixen-Dolomites-Marathon is an insider tip and a must for every athlete who wants to experience a great day in the mountains. The unique landscape with its impressive, majestic peaks such as Monte Kronplatz (2954 m), the highest peak in South Tyrol, and Rosengartspitze (2710 m) will ensure that you are running through one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you know your landmarks you will recognize the territories of Belluno, Bolzano and South Tyrol.

The combination of memorable panoramic views and challenging mountain routes make for a special place to do what we love,. Stunning mountainous scenery is the feature of the Brixen Dolomites Marathon, which is getting faster year by year and was voted the marathon with the best view in Northern Italy. The 25th edition will be held on 30 August 2019. There are several races: marathon, half-marathon and mountain trail running challenge that starts at 1,000 m above sea level in the valley Margreid - situated between glaciers of the Rosengarten group - to end at Passo Manghen.

There’s more to life than just running. There are mountains as well as woods and lakes that will offer you the most beautiful scenery as well. What more could you possibly want? That is what the Brixen Dolomiten Marathon wishes to give you: breathtaking scenery that will have your breath taken away! Run through breathtaking mountains, valleys, and even across lakes and enjoy every kilometer of this marathon!. Brixen Dolomites Marathon (Dolomiti Run) is not only the longest trail run in the Tyrol and Southern part of Austria, but also in Europe.

Two days of conviviality and challenge for runners, run enthusiasts and active holiday-makers from all over the world. The Brixen Dolomites Marathon has the magic of running in the mountains, but also the special Alps feeling of our region. There is no better word for it than "Alps Feeling" - this atmosphere can be touched, smelled and felt here. Will be interesting to see how much I can improve next year. Lots of scope for improving efficiency.

Yeti Bike Race Nepal tour of Annapurna

The race will be a highlight of the Yeti Cycles racing calendar. The tour will allow you to travel to Trans Himalayan country of Nepal, where you’ll experience off-road cycle touring in style. Feel, smell and hear the mountains before reaching the pass with the frozen glaciers in background. This is a rare opportunity, not to be missed; and to be experienced by racing grade road and mountain bikes in Nepal on a different level; an Expedition Tour for an elite few! !.

The Yeti Bike Race is the toughest and most stunning MTB ride in Asia. It starts in the heartland of Kathmandu standing at 1950m and crosses numerous iconic Himalayan passes before descending through some of the most spectacular remote areas you could ever hope to see on a mountain bike. It's in the upper region of Nepal, where the exotic Annapurna Range lies, home to some of the world’s most grueling and beautiful climbing routes.

Reads for Runners

As a runner, there are so many things to know about. You need to learn how to run with proper form, and you need to learn how to treat common injuries like plantar fasciitis. But, there’s also the psychological stuff. How do you stay motivated when your training takes you out on the trail instead of paved paths?  Are there any books that can help? In today’s post, I want to share with you the best running books for those of you who love leaving your wheel tracks in freshly mown grass.

Have you ever wondered what the top running blogs are? You’ve probably read that runners have short attention spans and don’t like to read. I might agree with the second half of the statement, but there are some blogs out there that are led by a strong writer who knows how to engage, which makes it worth doing some reading. If you’re looking for a new blog to check out, here are my favorites. Being a runner is full of highs and lows.

You get superhuman strength and endurance when you’re running your best, but you also struggle with injury, fatigue, and doubt. That’s why we created Reads for Runners – to help runners deepen their passion for running through the insight of great authors, expert running coaches and fellow runners. Are you looking for some great running reads? I’ve found a few sites that can help you find the right book or blog post to fit your taste.

We’ve selected the best blogs for runners and divided them into five categories: humour & fashion; motivation & inspiration; nutrition; gear & body; and books. Runners, it's time to buckle down and take your training into the next gear! Finish Line is here to help with expert tips, running stories and more. They have been actively involved in running since 1980 and they know everything there is to know about running. The race will traverse several remote mountain villages and take riders over historic high-altitude passes.